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Escalation in the Ukraine-Russia conflict: explosions target bridges

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have escalated as a series of explosions targeted vital road bridges connecting occupied Crimea with parts of the Russian-held Kherson region. The incidents come amid an escalation in Ukraine’s efforts to disrupt Russian infrastructure and regain territorial control.

The explosions came on the same day that Moscow’s mayor reported the downing of a drone approaching the city. Ukraine’s actions have also extended to maritime warfare, with a marine drone striking one of Russia’s largest oil tankers. A major naval base was also the target of an attack. According to Vladimir Saldo, the acting head of the Russian-appointed Kherson region, the missiles used in the bridge explosions were Storm Shadows, long-range air-launched missiles supplied by the UK to Ukraine.

Saldo clarified that the targeted bridges were used for civilian traffic rather than military operations. However, the damage caused an interruption of gas supply to about 20,000 residents of Henichesk in Kherson. Saldo condemned the attacks, stressing that such covert missile attacks harm civilians and undermine ongoing military operations. He described these actions as counterproductive and expressed his intention to restore normal traffic on the bridge soon.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed that a Russian-guided aerial bomb hit a blood transfusion center in the Kharkiv region, causing casualties. Ukraine’s counter-actions against Russian infrastructure and territory have intensified over time. Drone attacks targeting Russian cities have been a recurring theme over the summer, with recent strikes even extending to a Russian port hundreds of kilometers from Ukrainian-controlled territory.

Ukrainian officials have vowed to continue these operations against Russian shipping and key infrastructure, viewing them as strategic and legally justified measures. As the dynamics of the conflict evolve, tensions continue to rise, highlighting the complex and changing nature of the situation.

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