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Episode 2867: The Weird Obsessions Of DeSantis; Thousands of Gotaways At The Southern Border

Episode 2867: The Weird Obsessions Of DeSantis; Thousands of Gotaways At The Southern Border

Title: Episode 2867: The Weird Obsessions of DeSantis; Thousands of Gotaways at the Southern Border


In a recent episode of political drama, a new chapter unfolded in the ongoing story surrounding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the complex situation at the southern border. Episode 2867 showcased DeSantis’ peculiar obsessions, intertwining with the alarming issue of thousands of individuals bypassing border security. Despite the importance of addressing border security, the episode raises questions about DeSantis’ true motivations and his potentially questionable methods.

DeSantis’ Weird Obsessions:

Throughout the episode, DeSantis’ peculiar focus on cultural artifacts is presented when he proposes legislation aimed at acquiring indigenous artwork currently residing in neighboring states. While it may seem like an innocent endeavor, critics argue that his interest in procuring these artifacts distracts from more pressing matters, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or the issue of thousands of undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border.

DeSantis’ motivations for this peculiar fixation on cultural artifacts beg further exploration. Some speculate it could be an attempt to deflect public attention from potentially divisive policies, or perhaps a calculated strategy to appeal to a specific voter bloc. Regardless, the episode presents an intriguing character development that leaves viewers questioning DeSantis’ priorities.

Thousands of Gotaways at the Southern Border:

Simultaneously, the episode uncovers a significant issue at the southern border: the alarming number of individuals avoiding apprehension and entering the United States undocumented. Dubbed “gotaways,” these individuals traverse the border, evading border patrol agents and remaining unaccounted for within the country.

While this issue is nothing new, the numbers have risen dramatically in recent months. According to various sources, the number of gotaways has surged drastically, reaching an all-time high of thousands each month. This revelation calls attention to the dire need for comprehensive immigration reform and increased border security measures.

Despite the urgent nature of this matter, DeSantis’ fixation on cultural artifacts takes center stage, raising concerns about his ability to prioritize critical issues. The episode shines a light on the potential consequences of this obsession—namely, the diversion of necessary resources and attention away from pressing matters that impact the lives of Floridians and all Americans.


Episode 2867 of the ongoing political drama surrounding Ron DeSantis presents a disconcerting depiction of a leader whose priorities may be skewed. As thousands of individuals continue to evade capture and cross the southern border, DeSantis’ focus on cultural artifacts raises questions about his motivations and the potential consequences of his peculiar interests.

While addressing cultural heritage is important, it is crucial for leaders to allocate their resources and attention effectively. Failing to address critical issues, such as border security and immigration reform, can have lasting implications for both the state of Florida and the nation as a whole.

As the political drama continues to unfold, viewers eagerly await the next episode, hoping for a shift in focus towards the real challenges at hand. Only time will tell if DeSantis will redirect his attention toward matters that genuinely impact the lives of his constituents and all Americans.

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