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Elon Musk announces monthly fee for X, formerly Twitter

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, has revealed his intention to charge a “small monthly payment” to users of X, the social networking site formerly known as Twitter. The move is intended to counter the “vast armies of bots” that have plagued the platform, a problem Musk has consistently lamented.

Musk declined to disclose details about the fee. X currently has a premium subscription priced at $8 per month, which offers users a number of enhanced features such as a check mark and the ability to edit posts.

During a live discussion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Musk addressed the barrage of criticism he has faced since acquiring Twitter for $44 billion. Accusations against Musk’s management include enabling misinformation and bigotry on the platform. Despite this, he vehemently stated his position against the promotion of hatred.

Additionally, Musk shared that X currently has 550 million monthly users, producing 100-200 million daily posts. Despite growing competition from platforms such as the Bluesky app, Mastodon and Meta’s Threads, X has maintained its popularity. Musk envisions X evolving into a multi-functional “app of everything,” mirroring China’s WeChat, capable of handling video calls and payments.

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