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“Election interference…NEVER GIVE UP”…Trump is back on Twitter…

Ever the master of showmanship and timing, President Donald Trump used his iconic mugshot to finally make his long-awaited return to Twitter.

Earlier this year, Revolver’s Darren Beattie asked Trump if he would ever return to Twitter and strongly urged that he do.

We even wrote an article explaining why this return is both desirable and necessary

We totally understand why Trump wants to stay on Truth: it’s his own baby, his home, and it really is superior to Twitter in many ways.

Despite these factors, a Trump return to Twitter would represent nothing less than a triumphant march.

It would mark the return of a true king to his castle after being driven out by corrupt, incompetent, and clownish villains. And if Trump wants to complete his triumphant return, marching to the White House that was wrested from him by such a subversive media two years ago, then getting back on Twitter is a crucial step along the way. [Revolver]

Read more: Public Service Announcement: President Trump must return to Twitter, STAT

There is nothing more Trump than turning his photo, a shameful representation of the Regime’s persecution of him and his supporters, into the perfect comeback statement. There should be no doubt, the man has plenty of fights left, and he needs it. Start the game.


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