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Ed Dowd drops alarming new data

Former Blackrock asset manager and leading data analyst Ed Dowd recently presented worrying data about the Dr. Drew show. Death rates among children in the UK are rising, and rapidly.

According to annual data on deaths, available at, the years 2020 and 2021 had negative excess mortality rates, at -9% and -7%, respectively. This means that the death rate among children in this age group was less than planned for those years.

These rates changed dramatically to 16% more deaths than expected in 2022 and a projected 22% more deaths than expected in 2023. Dowd blamed this increase in mortality on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine for this age group, which began in September 2021 for young people aged 12 to 15 and April 2022 for children from 5 to 11 years.

Unpacking the correlation coefficient of 0.94

In statistics, the correlation coefficient measures the strength and direction of the linear relationship between two variables. The value of a correlation coefficient ranges from -1 to 1, with 0 indicating no correlation, -1 indicating a perfect negative linear correlation, and 1 indicating a perfect positive linear correlation.

Alarmingly, Dowd found a correlation coefficient of 0.94 between vaccine rollout and excess deaths among UK children. This suggests a very strong positive linear relationship between the two factors. Thus, as a variable increases (uptake of the vaccine), the other variable (excess deaths) also increases in a very approximate way along a straight line.

But couldn’t the excess deaths be due to COVID-19 and not vaccines?

One, the children are at one very, very low risk of dying from COVID-19. Therefore, any increase in deaths from COVID-19 from one year to the next would hardly affect overall deaths among children.

Second, Dowd showed that there was an excess of deaths among UK children decreasing until the end of 2021 before the introduction of vaccines against COVID-19. After the implementation of the vaccinesthe excess of deaths began to increase significantly.

Dowd also questioned why COVID-19 would be responsible for the increase in excess mortality among children only after the introduction of vaccines, and not before. He noted that if COVID-19 were the cause of the increase in excess mortality, we would have expected to see these high numbers in 2020 and 2021 as well.

So, all things considered, Ed Dowd concluded, “It’s the vaccine.”

The sharp increase in excess death rates among UK children following vaccination against COVID-19 raises questions about why the authorities are not calling for immediate and thorough investigations. We were told that the COVID measures were about “health” so why don’t they investigate what is killing children? The only plausible explanation that makes sense is this they don’t want to know the answer.

by Ed Dowd full interview with Dr. Drew is available to view through video below:

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