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Dr. Fauci will not be teaching at Georgetown this semester, despite holding two professorships

Recently retired government health official Dr. Anthony Fauci will not be teaching any classes at Georgetown University this semester, The Dossier has learned.

Despite holding the new title of Distinguished University Professor in the School of Medicine’s Department of Medicine, as well as an affiliation with Georgetown’s McCourt School of Public Policy, Fauci will not be teaching any classes for the fall 2023 semester.

A robust search of the school’s class schedule found that Fauci is not even listed as an instructor in Georgetown’s database.

In late June, the corporate media praised Fauci for accepting the new Georgetown gig, declaring him a selfless hero who was willing to teach the next generation. Fauci, who doesn’t exactly consider himself the humblest guy, thought he had plenty of other offers, but described Georgetown’s position as a “obvious.”

Fauci made headlines this week after The Dossier highlighted a recent interview in which Fauci doubled down on loon locks, declaring that they are a great tool to forcibly “vaccinate.”

Since his appointment to the faculty, both Fauci and Georgetown have used evasive language to describe the role he will play on campus. He is said to have taken the positions to “inspire” and “mentor” students, but there is no indication that he will teach a course there.

“If my primary goal is to serve as an inspiration to those younger individuals, then I will be part of the process of that influx of young people coming up and taking on leadership roles,” Fauci said in a YouTube video posted by Georgetown on its time appointment to the teaching staff. “If I succeed, I think I will make a significant contribution to Georgetown.”

The McCourt School sent out a press release earlier this week to welcome its new faculty to campus, using similar language to describe their role on campus.

“As a distinguished university professor at Georgetown, Fauci will participate in medical and graduate education and engage with students,” he said. statement said Fauci said she is looking forward to combining her interests in medicine and public policy with her dual appointments at the School of Medicine and the McCourt School, collaborating with colleagues and students across the university and mentoring and inspiring the next generation,” the website adds.

It’s unclear what Fauci intends to do to “inspire” Georgetown students, but teaching a class in The Swamp doesn’t seem to be on the table for the foreseeable future for the famous doctor who adjudged the “Covid response” to Trump and Biden administration. Meanwhile, Fauci is said to be working on his memoirs, which he recently sold to a major publisher for an advance of nearly $5 million.

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