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Doocy Corners KJP with Biden Question “after 8 p.m.”

Doocy Corners KJP with Biden Question “after 8 p.m.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced tough questions from Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy on Tuesday about who she would contact if a nuclear weapon were launched against the United States while Joe Biden slept. .

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Doocy's inquiry was based on recent reports suggesting Joe Biden's limited work hours and alleged tendency to prioritize rest over important meetings. Jean-Pierre stressed that the president has a team to inform him of any important news, including national security issues, indicating that the decision-makers are determined by the National Security Council.

Investigative journalist Drew Hernandez drew attention to Jean-Pierre's statement, highlighting the potential implications of the process, with some social media users expressing concern about the involvement of unelected people in management of crisis outside working hours.


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