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Don’t step on your own children

This week, an elementary school teacher in Colorado Springs was filmed explaining to a woman named Eden Rodriguez that the Gadsden flag patch on her son’s backpack is banned from school because of its “slavery origins,” and Jaiden continues to be kicked out of class because of it.

Vanguard School is a tuition-free K-12 charter that looks pretty amazing—the kind of place I’d want to send my kids to!

In the video, Mrs. Rodríguez explains to the teacher that the flag, with its iconic drawing of the rising snake and the words “don’t tread on me,” is from the Revolutionary War and therefore symbolizes the America’s refusal to capitulate to a tyrant — wink, wink!

We can see in the video that his son, Mr. Jaiden, 12, has some other interesting patches on his backpack, including one with the Doge meme, one with St. Michael the Archangel, and one that simply says “BASED.”

A little on the nose, the latter.

Yes, you really are grounded, Jaiden, and very online for a 12 year old! Sure, even my 7-year-old knows who Doge is, but there’s no way my own 12-year-old knows the arcane lore of Revolutionary War symbols. And if I did, I doubt I’d want it in my backpack.

I remember stories from the early days of Trump where some brave kids got in trouble for wearing Trump hats and t-shirts to school. I’ve also seen dozens of videos of the tolerant left tearing down Trump signs on people’s houses, getting punched in the face for wearing MAGA hats, and burning American flags.

So why shouldn’t Jaiden, the poster child for dissident shit, stick whatever memes he wants on his backpack? Why not throw in a few rare Pepes, an “All Lives Matter” pin, Trump’s photo, and the Betsy Ross flag? Why stop with the snake?

After all, it can be alarming to look into your K-12 government indoctrination center and notice that half the kids are wearing little rainbow pins and various styles of “pride” on their backpacks, and all teachers do it. Their gender-neutral furry teachers transform classrooms into trans-safe spaces year-round. It’s a small but mighty act of rebellion, so teach your kids to value the symbols and flags that represent our side. You know, the side that doesn’t want their 12 year olds doing things to each other. The part that likes weird things like “free speech” and “representative government” and “freedom over tyranny.”

Not so long ago, voicing these beliefs would have made little Jaiden a good kid, not the alt-right shitty lord of the Colorado Springs school system.

After the video came out, the school ruled that Jaiden was actually right, the teacher was wrong, and he was allowed back in class.

But a family friend posted this tweet then: “Jaiden ate alone today. He played chess himself. But I told her mother that she has millions of friends around the country now that they are inspired by him. Leave Jaiden a comment below and I’ll share it with him!

Is this good for him? Does Jaiden’s mom want her son to get direct messages from millions of rando adults on Twitter?

Or does he want it to be a boy?

I don’t know if her mom is doing this for influence, like rainbow moms do. I don’t know her motives, and I have no reason to doubt that she is simply standing up for her child and defending her right to free speech. This kind of social media exposure might seem like the only way she has to fight back against a system that would clearly crush her son’s spirit if it could. Whenever not, it’s the teachers who bring their crazy politics into the classroom, not the kids.

So no one wants to teach their children not to stand up for the values ​​they learned at home. However, in a world where small snippets of video quickly become national news, we really want to put our kids out there as grassroots right-wing activists when they may not really understand that this will stick with them for the rest of their lives. life? do you live

We all agree that 12-year-olds cannot consent to transgender medical procedures. But it’s not 12 too too young to commit to a lifetime as a doxx right-wing activist? I don’t want my kids talking about politics at school any more than they have to. It’s fine at home, but I don’t want my 12-year-old to be forced to defend a position he may not understand all that well.

Literally, the last thing I would want is for one of my minor children to be publicly exposed as “red-pilled”. Ask me how I know, a Twitter anon who lived with the terror of being doxxed for years. In this hyper-politicized country, I still want my children to have it normal childhood – the apolitical type. Of course, these days only a hardcore domestic extremist I would like to give a child a normal childhood.

Ms. Rodríguez has exposed a reality of raising grounded children: it involves our own form of political indoctrination. Our indoctrination is good and healthy, indeed crucial. But because we believe that experiencing freedom means creating and protecting spaces that are largely free of politics, there are limits. There’s a fine line between teaching your child to stand up for the values ​​he learned at home and having his social studies teacher read his essay on how Peter Strzok got Mike Flynn.

If you live behind enemy lines, even in purple Colorado, and send your child to a government school, even a charter school equipped with outspoken and unashamed far-left lunaticsyou probably shouldn’t put your kid on the front line as the only right winger in middle school.

I confess that I also want to indoctrinate my offspring! I desperately want them to willingly adopt our beliefs, our religious faith, our values, and yes, when they are old enough, our politics. I want my kids to be grounded, okay? Reject the horrible progressive ideologies and all their works and deeds. Yes.

But at 12, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to encourage your child’s activism when he doesn’t yet have allies. And post it all on Twitter!

There is no safe space for Jaiden in his world. The school year just started, and his mom is busy booking him on TV shows and podcasts, fielding media requests. Will Jaiden appear at the next GOP State of the Union address, or maybe even be interviewed by Tucker Carlson himself?

However, the whole saga and the incessant publication of the newest Videos of Jaiden’s reactions Twitter makes me uneasy. It is the left that has decided to use children as pawns to advance their causes, even surgically mutilating their bodies. California is now willing to destroy families who can’t stand this.

Mrs. Rodriguez, on the other hand, is probably just a patriot who is raising her son to be like her and is just trying to be a good mother.

same girl And any good mother should be standing up for her right to fly her weird Gadsden flag.

But maybe we can do it without turning our 12-year-olds into social media stars?


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