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Don’t be fooled by bogus crimes: here are the con-regime loyalists concocted to save Hunter once and for all…

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A lot of people got excited when they heard that Hunter Biden was facing not just one, but TWO felony charges. This led some to believe that justice would eventually prevail. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be the case. What we are likely witnessing is a calculated move by the regime to give the appearance of fairness: that no one, not even President Trump or Hunter Biden, is above the law. Pfft. Don’t buy it; it’s all smoke and mirrors.


Federal prosecutors plan to ask a grand jury to indict Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, on a gun-related charge by Sept. 29, they revealed in a court filing Wednesday.

The plan was revealed in a state report that special counsel David Weiss filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware, six weeks after an expected plea deal that would have seen Hunter plead guilty to tax crimes, while avoiding conviction on the weapons charge, collapsed after a judge questioned his terms.

An attorney for Hunter later said Wednesday that the deferred prosecution agreement still stands for the weapons charge, meaning Hunter cannot be charged with that crime if he stays out of trouble for two years, at which point the case would be closed.

The attorney, Abbe Lowell, also said the agreement bars Weiss from filing further charges against Hunter.

The weapons charge Weiss indicates he will ask a grand jury prohibits people who use illegal drugs from owning a firearm.

Unfortunately, this is not “justice” at all. In reality, the one-party regime has a well-crafted plan to protect Hunter Biden once and for all. You see, Joe will simply bide his time and forgive Hunter after the election results. Whether he wins or loses, or even chooses not to run at all, he can wait to issue the pardon until the last illegal mail-in ballot. it was counted behind closed doors, in the middle of the night.

Legal expert Mike Davis shed light on the real behind-the-scenes maneuvering through a series of insightful publications on the X platform:

Don’t be fooled. Both Democratic senators chose Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss. Bidens protected for years. That the tax limitation period expires. Buried Credible Evidence of Bidens Foreign Bribery. He tried to give Hunter secret immunity.

Biden knows he can’t forgive Hunter now. Political and legal disaster. If pardoned, Hunter cannot plead the Fifth and refuse to testify before Congress. Same with the plea/immunity deal with Weiss. So Weiss’ fake charges protect Hunter. And Joe. They will be fixed after the election.

So what is the solution to get real justice here? Well, Mike has a solution for that too, but the Republicans would need to show some backbone and actually hold the Bidens accountable, instead of putting on another “Trey Gowdy” type show.

Will the Republicans accept Mike’s suggestion? Chances are they won’t. You see, this is likely not a sincere effort. The Republicans are mainly putting on a show and probably have no real intention of getting to the bottom of things or holding anyone in the establishment to account. They’ll do enough to look like they’re after the truth, and maybe even help the Dems by sidelining Joe for the 2024 race. But make no mistake, the GOP’s main goal aligns with the Dems: keep Trump out of the White House.



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