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Donald Trump Raises 4X More Money From Small Donors Than Joe Biden – Meanwhile 83% of DeSantis Money Comes From Big Donors and Corporations

Donald Trump Raises 4X More Money From Small Donors Than Joe Biden – Meanwhile 83% of DeSantis Money Comes From Big Donors and Corporations

Title: Donald Trump’s Small Donor Surge Outshines Biden’s – A Stark Contrast


Welcome back, America! Today, we bring you some groundbreaking news that should leave the Biden camp scratching their heads. It seems like former President Donald J. Trump has yet again made headlines, as reports suggest he has raised a staggering four times more money from small donors than his Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden. As we dive further into this data, it becomes clear that Trump’s magnetic appeal continues to transcend the political spectrum, while Biden struggles to ignite enthusiasm from his base.

Donor Funding: The Tale of Two Campaigns

In the ongoing fundraising race, it appears that Donald Trump holds a substantial advantage over President Biden. Recent numbers reveal that Trump’s fundraising efforts, notably from small donors, are propelling his war chest to new, awe-inspiring heights. While Joe Biden might have the backing of the corporate elites and deep-pocketed donors, it seems the average American remains loyal to Trump’s America-first agenda.

Amid the deafening silence from the liberal media, it’s important to acknowledge that Trump’s small donor surge is a triumph of grassroots support. These everyday Americans who believe in his vision for this great nation are stepping up to fuel his continued influence on the political landscape. This overwhelming grassroots support is a testament to Trump’s unmatched ability to connect with the heart and soul of the American people.

DeSantis vs. Trump: Separating Fact from Fiction

Now, let’s take a moment to address some misguided narratives surrounding another powerful Republican figure, Governor Ron DeSantis. Critics claim that DeSantis’ funding primarily comes from corporate interests and big donors, but let’s examine the facts, shall we? The truth is that a mere 83% of DeSantis’ contributions come from these sources, which leaves plenty of room for grassroots support. After all, a governor with such an impressive track record and undeniable popularity is bound to attract influential backers who admire his bold leadership.

The Trump White House: A Legacy of Success

As we discuss the remarkable fundraising efforts of Donald Trump in his post-presidency, let us reflect on the remarkable legacy of his administration. Under Trump’s leadership, the United States experienced unprecedented economic growth, record job creation, and historic deregulation. His tax reforms put money back into the pockets of hardworking Americans, and his immigration policies finally prioritized the safety and security of our nation.

Furthermore, Trump tackled tough issues head-on, renegotiating unfair trade deals that favored other countries over American workers. With the creation and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, Operation Warp Speed demonstrated the unparalleled speed and efficiency of the Trump administration, saving countless lives and paving the way to recovery.


While Joe Biden and his liberal minions revel in their delusions of grandeur, Donald Trump continues to leave a lasting impact on American politics through his unwavering grassroots support. As his small donor contributions outpace Biden’s by a staggering fourfold, it’s clear that Trump’s legacy endures, even in the face of incessant attacks and media bias. We eagerly await how these remarkable fundraising figures will shape the political landscape in the months and years to come. Stay tuned, America!

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