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DOJ and ICPA ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ to Watch Biden’s Biowarfare, Money Laundering, Fraud and Worse

DOJ and ICPA ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ to Watch Biden’s Biowarfare, Money Laundering, Fraud and Worse

He has a simple and rhetorical question: Why would Biden’s DOJ be interested in solving and prosecuting corruption in Ukraine when the corruption and crime of the Biden crime family runs through the heart of Ukraine?

Occam gives the answer: It’s a cover-up operation.

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Biden’s political enemies include President Donald Trump, those under his umbrella, and the tens of millions of Americans who fervently support him.

The assumption here allows us to do so view federal agencies and departments through a means-ends lens.

What are they doing and what do they really want to achieve in Ukraine?

This lens led to this analysis from the first article:

ICPA is an international cover-up operation for Ukraine’s massive international money laundering operation, and US Attorney General Merrick Garland is part of its planning, formulation, operations and results.

The ICPA even states that Russia is not subject to prosecution for its primary prosecution target.

This makes the ICPA; at least from the US perspective, an organization that operates out of explicit purposes and thus fueled by an ulterior agenda.

For the United States, the ICPA allows it to maintain its fraudulent Ukraine narrative focused on blaming all its own criminality and crimes against humanity on its favorite “coconut”, Russia, while vacuuming up and sealing evidence of the severe and severe of the Bidens. flagrant criminality.

Evidence of this is found in the appointment of ICPA Special Prosecutor Jessica H. Kim. As defined in the established narrative and notwithstanding the jurisdiction of Eurojust and ICPA, Kim’s exact areas of expertise have little to do with “aggression against Ukraine” and everything to do with corruption, criminality, and treason emanating from the Biden administration and its departments: national security issues, organized crime, business fraud, investment fraud, corporate fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, cybercrime and more.

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