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Disney projected worst flop of the year as faith-based film beats expectations

If the lousy trends continue from the day of the release, the new movie “Indiana Jones” of the super-awake Disney, “Indiana Jones” is in production.

Viewers don’t plan to stay home, though, because Jim Caviezel’s faith-based film “Sound of Freedom” has already earned an impressive amount at the box office and it hasn’t even had its day yet. premiere

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”, the fifth in the Indy series, hit theaters Thursday, 15 years after the fourth episode premiered. And, if the dismal opening day numbers hold, “Dial” will become one of the lowest-grossing Indy films of the pack.

In accordance with variety, “Dial” earned just $7.2 million in ticket sales during its Thursday previews and another $16.8 million on Friday. That’s not a stellar performance, especially compared to Warner’s “The Flash,” which won 9.7 million dollars for its Thursday previews, and “Flash” is considered a flop.

That makes “Dial” the lowest-grossing Indy film to date opening weekend for current movie releases. The fourth film, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” grossed more than $100 million and is generally considered the worst of the bunch.


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Of course, the original and its sequel, which earned $8.30 million and $25.33 million respectively on opening day, came out in 1981 and 1984, and the 80s were a very different era for movie finances, so it’s not really fair to compare the two (and adjusted for inflation, they’re both north of $143 million, anyway). Especially considering the original made over $250 million on a budget of just $18 million. Regardless, “Dial” is falling very short.

If the projections hold i from Disney “Dial” isn’t a flash in the pan, meaning the film will only make about $60 million in its opening weekend. Limit date reported And that, folks, is a crushing defeat for Disney, especially considering the film cost nearly $300 million to make, distribute and advertise.

“Dial” has already had strong headwinds before its opening. As Deadline noted, it got lackluster reviews when Disney premiered it at the Cannes Film Festival this year and has been dogged by low approval ratings on nearly every rating board ever since. Reviews of the critic a Rotten tomatoesfor example, having it at a low 68 percent.

Are you more likely to watch a faith-based movie?

This particular opening weekend coincides with Independence Day weekend, so it will give “Dial” an extra day to be considered for its “weekend box office.” So this can push it up to $80 million in earnings.

Regardless, all this money talk means that “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” is headed for a major financial failure for Disney.

Again, we can compare it to Warner’s “The Flash,” which stalled at $55 million for its opening weekend, well below the expected $70 million, on Hollywood Reporter noted last week.

In spite of his creepy CGI cameo of Christopher Reeve as Superman, the film at least seems to have matched its overseas box office combined with its domestic take.

“Brand” though will likely struggle to break even, if these projections hold. What a disaster for ultra-woke Disney, a studio that’s already done it lost nearly $900 million over his last eight box office bombs.

Meanwhile, Angel Studios seems to have a guaranteed hit on its hands with the Jim Caviezel-starrer action film “Sound Of Freedom,” a faith-based film following the efforts of Tim Ballard, an agent of national security of the United States who went on a crusade. to save trafficked children.


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“Sound” doesn’t open until Tuesday, but the film has already racked up more than $7.2 million in advance ticket sales, according to Limit date.

Angel Studios was the team behind Easter featured film “His Only Son,” which was about the prophet Abraham, opened to $5.5 million with a domestic gross of over $12 million.

The studio set a goal of selling two million pre-sale tickets before its opening on Tuesday, July 4, and as of this story’s publication, more than 869,000 have already been sold, according to your report career tracker. And those sales are increasing by the minute, the tracker shows.

The upcoming film from Angel Studios is no atypical either. Viewers may also remember that Lionsgate had one surprise blow in his hands earlier this year with “The Jesus Revolution,” a faith-based film that opened to a weekend box office of $15.8 million and went on to earn $51 million incredible dollars for his theatrical performance, easily paying off his $15 million budget.

Will Hollywood learn that people are sick and tired of the woke garbage the studios are throwing at them? If “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” flops as badly as it looks, maybe the light will start to turn on in the boardrooms of the entertainment industry.


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