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Of course, universities and legacy media are also part of the pipeline, funded by well-organized networks of bourgeoisie (think doctors) and elite donors, who get returns on investments through various tax schemes, hand d cheap work, etc. 5/10

I have been surprised at how drastically less organized and less funded the right is than the left. I had always thought that the sides were “about equal”. This is totally false. It’s 10000 x 1. The left owns the culture because it finances it. Worth mastering right 6/10

But here is the white pill. By going so long unchallenged, the left has become drunk on power. Their non-profits manufacture wacky battles. The transpill, for example, does not go down so easily. It excited them, let’s see if they can force it, but they won’t be able to. 7/10

While the right may be totally unequal in money and organization, we are equal in people and talent. In fact, with the recent leftist insanity, the demographic scales are tipping more and more in our favor. We don’t just get excited about people, but the good ones. 8/10


We too, like them, must make a massive sacrifice, a divine commitment. I personally think it will give up the rationality, the distinctly American Puritan property that has defined the country for so long, to become lower, wilder, but more vital. 10/10

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