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Dinesh D’Souza premieres the trailer of the new film “Police State” |

“Are you next?”

Dinesh D’Souza is out with a powerful trailer for his new film “Police State” that exposes how the assault on our Republic is worse than you think. The film opens exclusively in theaters on October 23rd and 25th (with tickets available at

D’Souza’s unmistakable voice raises the disturbing question about the FBI footage targeting conservatives; “Have we become a police state?” It’s a question that will echo in your mind long after the credits roll.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Dan Bongino, Jim Jordan, Nick Searcy, Rand Paul, Kash Patel, Kyle Seraphin, Peter Schweikart and more heavy hitters, “Police State” uncovers the disturbing truth: the police state is real and has undeniably been weaponized. against conservatives and former President Donald Trump.

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as you witness the erosion of civil liberties, the abuse of power, and the consequences for those who dare to dissent. “Police State” is a wake-up call for all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs.


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