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‘Destroying nations’: Trump blames McConnell for massive Biden spending that ‘breaks nations’ |

Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell are two wealthy men north of Richmond who have unleashed the kind of massive spending that “tears nations apart,” former President Donald Trump said.

Asked in an interview on Wayne DuPree’s podcast about Bidenflation and Republican enablers, Trump declared, “Mitch McConnell was not good for the Republicans or good for the country,” adding that much of the spending that McConnell passed contributed to the massive debt and subsequent inflation. . “It’s called breaking the nation. It breaks nations. And all this money that was approved, it shouldn’t have been approved, is a big factor in inflation. And it’s also being wasted.”

The dismal new jobs report highlighted an unexpected rise in the unemployment rate from 3.5% to 3.8%, the highest since February 2022.

“A closer look at the details of today’s jobs report reveals just how ugly the reality behind Bidenomics against the budget really is,” noted Zero Hedge. “Earlier this year we detected a peculiar trend in the release of economic data by the Biden administration that had undoubtedly been revised downward.”


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