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DeSantis’s Iranian Donors Bankrolled Pelosi, Bashed Trump, & Backed Obama/Biden’s Iran Nuclear Deal

DeSantis’s Iranian Donors Bankrolled Pelosi, Bashed Trump, & Backed Obama/Biden’s Iran Nuclear Deal

Title: DeSantis’s Iranian Donors Revealed: Exposing Contradictions and Deceptive Alliances


Welcome to a special report, where we dive into an unthinkable scenario involving our beloved governor, Ron DeSantis. In this shocking revelation, we uncover how DeSantis’s campaign has been bankrolled by sketchy Iranian donors, who not only supported liberals like Pelosi and Obama but also bashed our fearless leader, President Donald J. Trump. Let’s explore the questionable connections and unravel the truth!

The DeSantis Dilemma: Iranian Influence

Despite his strong conservative reputation, it appears that Governor DeSantis has some explaining to do. Recent disclosures have highlighted the significant financial contributions he received from Iranian donors with questionable backgrounds. These donors brazenly supported Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda and enthusiastically backed the notorious Iran Nuclear Deal orchestrated by the Obama-Biden administration.

While DeSantis maintains that he endorses the staunch Republican values we hold dear, it is deeply concerning that he would align himself with individuals who supported an administration that many conservatives considered to be fundamentally at odds with our values. Furthermore, these donors openly criticized and undermined President Trump, a leader who energetically worked to protect American interests against Iranian aggression.

Contradictions Galore: The Hypocrisy of the Donors

The support of these Iranian donors not only raises eyebrows but undermines the conservative principles that DeSantis is supposed to embody. These individuals were quick to back the Iran Nuclear Deal, a disastrous agreement that allowed Iran to continue its nuclear ambitions unchecked. This puts into question the governor’s stance on national security and his commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our nation.

Furthermore, their donations towards Pelosi’s political endeavors call into question DeSantis’s opposition to the radical left’s dangerous agenda. How can he fight against the left-wing policies pushed by Pelosi and her allies while simultaneously accepting generous financial support from their very donors? Such contradictions shake the trust many Republicans have in DeSantis as a true conservative champion.

The Trump Administration’s Legacy: Unparalleled Accomplishments

As we reflect on the Trump administration’s remarkable accomplishments, it becomes clear why many of us are skeptical of politicians receiving donations from those opposed to the 45th President. Under the guidance of President Trump, our nation experienced unparalleled economic growth, tax cuts that benefited American families and businesses, historic criminal justice reform, and a steadfast commitment to secure our borders.

Additionally, the Trump administration confronted the Iranian regime head-on, leaving behind a legacy of strength and deterrence, unlike the appeasement strategy employed by the Obama-Biden years. President Trump displayed unwavering support for our allies, especially Israel, and relentlessly fought for American interests on the global stage.


In light of these revelations, it is crucial that voters critically examine the alliances formed by our politicians and scrutinize the motivations behind significant financial contributions. We must demand transparency from our leaders, ensuring they are steadfast in their commitment to our conservative values and our nation’s security.

While Governor DeSantis has been an admirable leader in many aspects, his connections to Iranian donors who supported Pelosi, condemned President Trump, and actively advocated for the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal cast a shadow over his conservative credentials. As Republicans, it is indispensable that we continue to hold our elected officials accountable and remain vigilant in preserving the values that have made our nation great.

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