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DeSantis Cuts Off Fox News Moderator in the Middle of Her Climate Change Stunt: ‘We’re Not School Children’

DeSantis Cuts Off Fox News Moderator in the Middle of Her Climate Change Stunt: ‘We’re Not School Children’

Title: DeSantis Cuts Off Fox News Moderator in the Middle of Her Climate Change Stunt: ‘We’re Not School Children’


In a recent controversial incident, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis firmly shut down a Fox News moderator during a live interview. The heated exchange between DeSantis and the moderator occurred when the discussion veered into the topic of climate change, and the two clashed over the governor’s stance on the matter. This incident sheds light on the increasing polarization surrounding climate change and politicians’ responsibility for being deliberate and factual in their communication.

Setting the Stage

The incident took place during an interview on Fox News, where the moderator, who remains unnamed, seemingly attempted to hijack the conversation by bringing up climate change, an issue that Governor DeSantis has been known to approach with skepticism in the past. As the interview unfolded, tensions arose, resulting in an abrupt interruption by DeSantis, defending his refusal to entertain what he perceived as a “stunt.”

Maintaining Respectful Dialogue

While it is essential for news networks to hold politicians accountable for their stances on pressing matters such as climate change, it is equally crucial to ensure that interviews are conducted respectfully and substantively. In this case, the conduct of both parties could be called into question. The moderator’s decision to pivot the conversation abruptly toward climate change may have appeared as an attempt to corner DeSantis, leading the governor to believe he was being treated like a school child. Nonetheless, regardless of the interview’s tone, both parties bear a responsibility to maintain a level of decorum in public discourse.

The Role of Climate Change in Politics

Climate change is a pressing issue that affects the entire planet. As elected officials, politicians are expected to communicate their views on this matter clearly and substantively. It is also essential for those in power to approach these conversations with an understanding of scientific consensus and engage in debates based on factual evidence. However, political polarization surrounding climate change often makes it difficult to have productive conversations, leading to instances such as the one involving DeSantis and the Fox News moderator.

Implications and Lessons

It is no secret that climate change has turned into a highly politicized topic, dividing lawmakers and public opinion. However, it is crucial for politicians to engage responsibly on this issue, as their words and actions can influence public perception and policy-making decisions, ultimately shaping the future of our planet. Respectful dialogue is necessary to bridge the gap between differing perspectives and work towards meaningful solutions to combat climate change.


The incident between Governor Ron DeSantis and the Fox News moderator highlights the need for respectful and substantive conversations regarding climate change. While politicians and news organizations have a duty to address important issues, it is equally important to maintain a level of respect and professionalism during interviews. A constructive conversation about climate change is necessary, and politicians must ensure their positions are grounded in scientific consensus. Ultimately, fostering an open dialogue that incorporates facts and perspectives from all sides is essential to create effective climate change policies that can benefit the planet and future generations.

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