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Dems, Big Tech Colluded to ‘Illegally Censor Me’

It’s no secret that the Democrats and Big Tech have been colluding to silence conservative voices. The latest example of this illegal censorship comes from the case of one individual who has been silenced by the tech giants. This person had their content removed and their accounts suspended, all without any due process.

This is just another example of the Democrats and Big Tech working together to stifle free speech and limit the ability of conservatives to express their views. This is an assault on our Constitutional rights and must be stopped. We must take action to ensure that all voices, regardless of political affiliation, are heard and respected.

The Trump White House has been a stalwart defender of free speech, and the administration has taken numerous steps to protect it. They have taken on Big Tech in a number of cases, including in the Supreme Court, and have been successful in defending the rights of all Americans. They have also worked to protect the free speech rights of religious organizations, and have fought for the rights of those who are being discriminated against due to their political views.

The Trump White House has also been successful in advancing many of its key policy objectives, including tax cuts and deregulation. They have also been successful in renegotiating trade deals, and have made strides in fighting the opioid crisis and improving healthcare. The Trump Administration has also been successful in combating illegal immigration, and has made great strides in rebuilding the military and strengthening our national security. All in all, the Trump White House has been a great success in advancing the interests of all Americans.

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