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Democrats go after Biden to pack Supreme Court, set term limits after more decisions they don’t like

President Joe Biden is facing calls from activists in his own party to shake up the Supreme Court after a series of rulings unfavorable to Democrats came out.

Many liberal activists and Democratic politicians are calling for Biden to take action to reform the Supreme Court, calling for more justices and term limits, he has reported. The Wall Street Journal. The calls come after the Supreme Court released a series of decisions where the conservative majority ruled against issues such as race-based college admissions and student loan debt forgiveness. (RELATED: Here’s How the Last Supreme Court Term Reshaped America)

“President Biden should run with term limits in 2024. If he does, he might wake up the court to stop showing contempt for American public sentiment,” said Democratic Representative Ro Khanna of California, according to the WSJ . He called for 18-year term limits for future Supreme Court justices, saying the court is “dominated by stubborn, old, extremist jurists who have little contempt for and understanding of modern American life.”

Despite the calls, Biden has resisted the idea of ​​reforming the Supreme Court. Following the court’s decision Thursday against race-based admissions in higher education, Pres said in an MSNBC interview that “If we start the process of trying to expand the court, we’re going to politicize it, maybe forever, in a way that’s not healthy.”

“People should not live in constant fear of the Supreme Court. We cannot sit on our hands while these judges do the bidding of right-wing organizations,” Minnesota Democratic Sen. Tina Smith said via Twitter Friday. “Enlarge the court.”

In 2021, Biden established a commission to review possible reforms to the Supreme Court in an executive order, including seeking changes to its “composition and size,” according to a white house Press release. Critics of the move noted C-SPAN footage from 1983, where Biden said packing the court “was a no-brainer.”

Organizations have also been jumping into the fray. Planned Parenthood, in a Press releasesaid, “Courts have been used as a vehicle to advance a dangerous anti-abortion rights agenda: Federal court reform is essential to the fight for reproductive freedom,” calling for an expansion of both the number of judges on federal district courts such as the Supreme Court, as well as imposing term limits on judges.

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Clinton and liberal activist, said Twitter that the Supreme Court is “overloaded,” suggesting term limits, rotation, judges, and court expansion. “One thing is certain: we cannot allow the extremists and Big Money interests who have hijacked the Court to go unchecked,” he said.

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