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Democrats and Republicans are not divided by gender, they are divided by marriage

What would seem if a important post decided to produce a feature on masculinity but then assign all articles to women?

Well, it would be very similar The politician The issue of masculinitywhich did exactly that.


The politician Aversion to asking men to write about masculinity aside, a theme throughout the feature was that, in Words by Katelynn Fossettover the past few decades, “women vote more for Democrats and men tend to stick with Republicans.”

And when you look at just the top line numbers, that seems to be true. In the 2022 House races, men nationally favored the GOP by 14 points (56% Republicans to 42% Democrats), while women favored Democrats by 8 points (53% Democrats to 45% Republicans).

But drill some moreand the picture becomes a little more complicated.

Adding marital status to the mix, the GOP lead among married men increases to 20 points (59% Republicans to 39% Democrats) and shrinks among single men to just 7 points (52% Republicans to 45% democrats).

But what most people don’t know, including everyone who works Politician apparently, it’s that among married women, Republicans still hold a significant 14-point lead (56% Republicans to 42% Democrats).

But if Republicans are winning married men by 20 points, married women by 14 points, and single men by 7 points, then who is keeping the Democrats competitive?

Single women are single-handedly saving the Democratic Party. By a margin of 37 points (68% to 31%), single women overwhelmingly pulled the lever for Democrats.

That’s why when President Barack Obama ran for re-election, his agenda was promoted through a slideshow that followed “Julia’s Life,” documenting how Democratic programs protect and provide for her throughout her life, without a father or husband in the picture.

That’s why President Joe Biden followed suit with his own Linda’s slide showwhich shows, again, how Democratic programs protect and provide for women throughout their lives, without a father or husband in sight.


The Democratic Party’s message to men is clear: At best, you’re useless. Democratic Party programs have empowered women to procreate without you. In fact, you’re most likely a #MeToo pervert who needs to be punished, without due process, by a university board of inquiry. You can be a silent ally for women’s causes if you want, but please don’t ever speak up – we’ve heard enough of the patriarchy.

No wonder men, and women who want to marry men, are fleeing the Democratic Party in droves.


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