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Dee Snider issues statement after angering LGBT movement

Dee Snider issues statement after angering LGBT movement

Rocker Dee Snider, of Twisted Sister fame, has issued a statement declaring her support for those who identify as transgender, while expressing her opinion that children have not matured enough mentally to transition from genre.

Snider recently earned the ire of San Francisco Pride after expressing agreement with what the organization claimed was a “transphobic statement” made by Paul Stanley of Kiss.

Stanley had appeared to argue that adults should not encourage children to identify as the opposite sex. Snider agreed, tweeting, “You know what? There was a time when I felt pretty too. I’m glad my parents didn’t jump to conclusions! Well said @PaulStanleyLive.”

San Francisco Pride announced that plans to have Snider perform had been scrapped, writing: “[W]When we were notified about Dee’s tweet expressing her support for Kiss’ Paul Stanley’s transphobic statement, we were both heartbroken and angry. The message perpetuated by this tweet calls into question the ability of young trans people to self-identify their gender.” The organization stated, “We have mutually agreed to part ways, but we appreciate that Dee sees this as a teaching moment and a reminder that even allies need. be educated to make sure they don’t casually encourage transphobia.”

But Snider issued a statement in which he affirmed his support for the LGBT movement, but disputed their demand for a full settlement.

“I didn’t know that the transgender community expects total fidelity and agreement with all of their beliefs and any variation or deviation is considered ‘transphobic,'” Snider wrote. “So my life supporting the transgender community’s right to identify as they choose and honoring the changes they may make in how they present themselves to the world isn’t enough? Why not?

“I have recently stated that I do not believe that young children are ready to decide their gender distribution. I believe that their choices should be supported and accepted by their parents, but I do not believe that children have the mental capacity to make rational decisions. and logic about things of a magnitude that will affect them for the rest of their lives. I don’t think they are mentally developed enough,” he declared.

“The transgender community needs moderates to support their choices, even if we don’t agree with every one of their edicts. For some (not all) transgender people accusing supporters, like me, of transphobia is not a good look for your cause.” Snider wrote.

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