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Days after Revolver’s exclusive interview, Islamabad police receive orders to arrest Imran Khan…

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Last Friday, Revolver’s own Darren Beattie got a great exclusive interview with the Pakistani version of “Trump.” Imran Khan, a beloved leader of the common people, was unfairly ousted by the globalist-loving cretins. Khan believes that Biden and the West are behind the massive push to remove him from power, similar to what they are currently trying to do with President Trump.

Revolver’s exclusive interview went mega-viral and sparked a flurry of activity online. It might even have prompted the regime’s next move: an arrest.

You can see it on Twitter:

O check it out on Rumble — Video starts at 53:00:

Now, we are hearing that Prime Minister Khan’s arrest is coming on Tuesday. Unfortunately, they don’t call him the “Pakistani Trump” for nothing. Khan now receives the same unfair and immoral treatment from the globalist regime as President Trump, who has now been arrested twice and will likely be arrested a third and fourth time.

What are the false charges against Khan?

Al Jazeera:

Cases against the 70-year-old cricketer-turned-politician include charges of corruption, terrorism, contempt of court, rioting and even blasphemy.

Here is a summary of the main charges against Khan:


The immediate legal challenge facing Khan concerns gifts he received from foreign countries when he served as prime minister between August 2018 and April 2022.

Prosecutors allege Khan sold those gifts and concealed his wealth in financial statements filed with the election commission.


Khan also faces “terrorism” charges over a speech he gave during one of the many rallies he has held since losing power to demand immediate national elections.

Addressing his supporters in Islamabad in August last year, Khan made some remarks against his political opponents and police and judicial officials. In his speech, the head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party named a female judge who had ordered the arrest of one of his close aides.

The statement against the judge led to a charge of “terrorism” against Khan. If convicted, he even faces disqualification from contesting elections or holding public office in the future, a setback he cannot afford as he seeks a return to power in national elections scheduled for later this year.

If Khan is arrested, the PTI has threatened mass protests, adding to the difficulties for a government already struggling with an economic crisis.

The arrest comes tomorrow, Tuesday.

Messages of support for Khan are pouring in as Pakistan braces for what could be an ugly scene in its attempt to erase a true “man of the people” from the political landscape. As globalism continues to crumble around the world, these macabre tyrants desperately cling to their remaining scraps of power and use every dirty trick at their disposal to suppress the uprising of the people. Pray for Prime Minister Khan and the good people of Pakistan that they may fight righteously against this unjust and immoral tyranny brought about by the West and other evil entities.



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