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COVID-19, RICO, and Business Fraud

COVID-19, RICO, and Business Fraud

Fool me once; What a shame. Fool me twice; embarrass me. So goes the old adage, and it’s just an introduction to the discussion of what the COVID-19 “pandemic” really was. Some 3.5 years after it began, most of America has yet to discern, reconcile, and accept the horrifying reality of the so-called “pandemic.” Since the beginning of January 2020, I have been calling it COVID-19 is a business fraud actionable under the RICO statute, later writing about 450 articles on the subject. I was never deceived, and there is no shame in bearing it; I’m just sorry that no one heard the truth.

No one said that when I said it.

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Nobody said what I wrote when I wrote it.

It’s not even close.

I pored over my own work for over a year, looking for others making the same analyzes and findings, and it didn’t exist.

At the time, this analysis was unique and laser-accurate from the start, aging well like a fine wine.

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The analysis of COVID-19/RICO at Moonshine served a team of Oregon state senators, doctors, judges, lawyers, researchers, and investigators in our effort to correct COVID-19 as a construct of fraud business with our federal grand jury petition filed. in the ninth circuit.

Aspects of the COVID-19 analysis in Moonshine are attached to the federal grand jury petition and other COVID-19 litigation as evidentiary exhibits.

Our team’s federal grand jury petition follows constitutional paths, including fundamental principles of government like the separation of powers and the First Amendment.

In this sense, we seek to circumvent problematic aspects of the law of lawyers in a judiciary that is completely manipulated in the service of the same traitors and criminals who used our own federal apparatus against us to install the construction of COVID-19 as a mechanism of slavery through medical tyranny. of a fraudulent construction [cooked-up infection and mortality data.]

It was and continues to be a “pandemic” of fraudulent data, period.

There is no other valid explanation, and anyone who thinks otherwise is dead wrong, another full stop.

Our team’s federal grand jury petition case is on its way to the Supreme Court, and when it does, so will the analysis at Moonshine.

Why am I repeating all this?

The answer is for all America: Fool me once; What a shame. Fool me twice; embarrass me.

And I’m speaking to America largely and specifically to those who have yet to reconcile the truth about the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

No one listened in early 2020 and few listened beyond that.

You hear more now, but it’s not enough.

Between the immediate and significant censorship, the shadow ban, and the total ban, which continues to this day, every major communication platform was removed as a tool to communicate the truth.

No one really got the message because no one was really looking for it.

Those who did mostly shouted, “Conspiracy theorist!” to which I replied, “SLAVE!”

The hallmark of the slave is the ability to think independently and critically while gulping down and regurgitating the Kool-Aid of state-sponsored propaganda.

When confronted, the slave unwittingly presents the “fact-checking” and “sourcing” of the propagandists themselves as a refutation of the unvarnished truth in order to stay in step on the march to the slavery

Once the business fraud angles of COVID-19 were properly identified and evidenced in early 2020, I began asserting two things that I have marked as my two favorite dead horses to kick, having given them hundreds and hundreds of times:



In January 2023, I even devoted an entire article to these two dead horses: COVID-19 never goes away, and these people will never stop until they have to stop.

I’ve even written a piece and referenced in countless other articles how no one was listening despite the incessant call for truth: The eleven days that could have altered history and prevented the present, but no one listened to them.

On September 18, 22, Joe Biden said“The pandemic is over,” but it wasn’t.

On May 11, 23, Joe Biden formally finished the COVID-19 “pandemic,” but he didn’t.

On August 18, 23, The Gateway Pundit reported that the Biden administration will reinstate COVID-19 restrictions starting with mask mandates as “cases of COVID” rise.

COVID-19 will never go away, and these people will never stop until they are forced to stop.

Kicking dead horses. Again.

For years, I have been analyzing and evidencing how the construction of COVID-19 will be refreshed with a new variant to maintain a system of slavery established by medical tyranny. It’s already here.

Let’s connect the other variables that are critical to understanding:

  1. In a pattern repeated with 2020, we are entering an election year
  2. In a pattern repeated with 2020, Joe Biden isn’t even campaigning because the robbery is already in play
  3. In a pattern repeated with 2020, the clear favorite [Trump] is being targeted and eliminated in multifaceted operations that include another fraudulent “pandemic.”
  4. In a pattern repeated with 2020, Fictitious “new cases” that can be pulled out of thin air with misapplied and manipulated rtPCR tests replace the gold standard measure for pandemics: mortality [dead people]
  5. In a pattern repeated with 2020, a new “variant” is being introduced to drive the construction of fraud as SARS-CoV-2 has expired its utility value and effectiveness as a viral contagion. [few are scared of the old boogeyman anymore, so a new one is required for plugging into the existing construct]
  6. In a pattern repeated with 2020, the “pandemic” that is now being introduced under pretext will consolidate and worsen as we invade elections and in order to intercede in these elections to manipulate the outcome.

COVID-19 will never go away, and these people will never stop until they are forced to stop.

This is especially so in an election year.

This is especially so right now.

John and I are teammates, and yes, I “said it from the beginning” with laser precision.

I am a trained and experienced researcher and analyst who follows the evidence and logically deduces its meaning with Occam as my primary objective.

As the best indicator of truth, evidence does not lie even when it is difficult to discern, reconcile, and accept, and that is America’s primary task here.

The COVID-19 “pandemic” is a construct of corporate fraud.

This will never change, and it will never go away until the American people do something about it.

With the election around the corner, the pretext is clear, and we are following exactly the same path as 2019 through 2020 and into the present.

Very few even listened to me the first time.

Even fewer listened.

I keep yelling, hoping more people will hear me this time, and as I do, I’m yelling:

“For God’s sake America, don’t fall for that crap again.”

Above all, America, it comes down to this: you get what you tolerate.

From day one, the painstakingly proven message has been crystal clear, and today it remains constant and unwavering.

In America, I say this:

Fool yourself once, shame on you, they told you. Fool yourself twice, shame on you: you’re a slave.

Rediscover your revolutionary roots, America, and stop tolerating anything but pure and unmitigated independence, liberty, and freedom.

Or enjoy your slavery.

Now it’s binary.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely.

Know that until you make this decision, COVID-19 will never go away; these people will never stop until they are made to stop, and you are nothing more than a piece of slave property owned by others because it is tolerated when they impose their will on people.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to do what we’ve been doing all this time: living independently, freely, and in the spirit of freedom, patiently waiting for the rest of you to understand and get on the right side of history. .

That patience is over and we are still waiting.

Decide before it’s too late, and we’re getting to a point where all subsequent decisions will be made for the rest of us.

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