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Covid-19 is best understood as a Cold+Flu merger and rebrand

The corporate media is once again inundating us with a lot of scary nonsense about what is commonly known as Covid-19.

Yes, we all get the tech freak about a supposed new coronavirus being the alleged culprit in a series of never-ending viral mutations and whatnot.

But we have already established that this claimed new disease does not show any symptoms independent of those of a cold and/or flu. And we know that a cold and/or flu is rarely diagnosed by laboratory sequencing.

Most importantly, it has become clear that there has never been a truly deadly strain of the virus circulating in the world since 2019, meaning that there is no statistically significant separation between so-called flu and Covid-19 .

But wait! There’s a new variant on the rise, says our Pharma-funded corporate media. declaring that it’s time to stock up on masks again and take the latest magical “vaccines”.

Why is this variant different from the others? Well, this one has super scary branding. She has been named Eris, in a nod to the vicious Greek goddess of strife and discord. Why is this variant different from the other variants? No one really knows, and that’s the point. You have to stay scared and on edge. You were!

So what makes Covid-19 as a whole so special?

The number of viruses said to be floating around in our universe are essentially infinite. And thousands have been alleged to have the ability to infect the human body.

Covid-19 stands out because it was a successful rebranding of cold and flu, rebranded to a more pharma-friendly diagnosis.

No one has a cold or the flu anymore.

[Well, maybe they have been diagnosed as having RSV… And what do you know, there’s now a new vaccine for that!]

Before 2019, a bout with the sniffles, depending on the severity of the illness, rarely warranted a doctor’s visit, and you could treat the bothersome symptoms by spending some pocket change at your local CVS.

Now think about the “treatments” for Covid-19, which again, have identical symptoms and results.

First, they tell you to worry about getting Covid-19.

Even though the shots do nothing to prevent disease, you are told to take seasonal mRNA boosters (cha-ching!), which were first funded by the taxpayer to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars , and which are now mostly covered. due to the increase in insurance costs. More money for Pharma.

If you have cold/flu/covid symptoms, they tell you to get a lousy nasal swab test (cha-ching!).

If this test registers a positive diagnosis, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your doctor (cha-ching!). Depending on how pharmaceutical your doctor has been, he/she/unicorn may advise you to take some Pfizer horse pills (cha-ching!) to relieve your symptoms. These popular pills for horses (known as Paxlovid) cost the US taxpayer $530 per course.

In the early days of covid hysteria the bill was infinitely higher (when the rag cult and hospitalization panic was on the rise) but today in 2023, ‘prevent’ and ‘treat’ covid -19 is still infinitely more expensive than going out or taking DayQuil.

The rebranding and merger will continue to operate as a successful enterprise until more of human civilization vaccinates their minds against the propaganda of big pharma. Unlike mRNA vaccines, accepting this reality is 100% effective in preventing further corona hysteria.

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