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Cover-Up Proceeds Exactly as Projected | Look At DJT

Cover-Up Proceeds Exactly as Projected | Look At DJT

The analysis at Moonshine includes an entire years-long series dedicated to the global hub of corruption and money laundering – Ukraine. It’s entitled THE KEYSTONE OF CORRUPTION. Within that body of analysis is the exclusive and detailed examination of Sam Bankman-Fried and the FTX scandal, for which I took exclusive and evidenced positions to be discussed below. The complete list of articles from that series is provided below to support our positions here. Readers are left to their own to frame the contextual backdrop for these developments, and this article is considered required reading: The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, PrivatBank, the National Bank of Ukraine and Ihor Kolomoyskyi [on Substack].

Our macro lens is how the cover-up of the SBF/FTX scandal is occurring against the backdrop of President Trump’s most recent indictment, which in part functions as an enormous deflection point construct away from Joe Biden’s corruption, criminality, and treason; all of which is directly controlled by the Department of Justice and where timing is everything.

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Our microlens is the granular details of the cover-up operation construct that entails the premeditated positioning of Sam Bankman-Fried in the legal jurisdiction of the Bahamas and where prosecutorial discretion and extradition treaty are leveraged as the framework.

In short, the US is letting Great Britain decide the fates of SBF and FTX.

In a November 2022 article, I postulated this: “As long evidenced, Ukraine is one of two epicenters of The Biden Crime Family’s corruption, crimes and treason and FTX and SBF represent the central node to longstanding money laundering operations there that lined the pockets of the treasonous politburo whose hands were clearly caught in the crypto cookie jar that delivered the stolen 2022 midterms and presumably, much more.”

We latch onto three things: 1-a DOJ cover-up operation for unavoidable circumstances, 2-campaign finance crimes, and 3-obviously, money laundering.

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The latter two are the impetus for the former.

On 14 Dec 22, I wrote and projected the following in a piece dedicated to the highly suspicious timing of SBF’s arrest and his pending extradition to the US from the Bahamas [emphasis added]:

Through a discerning lens, the evidence fully indicates that the SBF arrest is a mechanism within the broader cover-up and concealment operation to bury the truth about FTX and so as to protect a wide swath of criminals who were the beneficiaries of the massive FTX/Ukraine money laundering operation that funneled U.S. taxpayer money back to them for their campaigns in the stolen 2022 midterm elections and otherwise. Or, in other words, they used our tax money to steal elections to enslave us. Tell me I’m wrong. Then prove it. I’m not sure that can be done.

What it means is that it is highly likely, if not all but certain, that nothing fruitful is to come out of SBF’s arrest and, whereas it only provides us the illusion of the administration of justice and adherence to the rule of law. Application of the discerning lens gives the SBF arrest the appearance of business as usual under the guise of perceived change in Congress. I say don’t buy it. It’s fodder for fools.

To examine how the cover-up operation will deescalate SBF’s criminality into “incompetence” and likely conviction for lesser charges, thus providing a preview of SBF’s defense at trial, pay particular attention to point six in the following new developments. […]

The FTX fix is on, folks, and it began with the problematic and highly suspicious arrest of SBF.

Political Moonshine

A critical piece here is the contextual background and jurisdiction of the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is also enveloped in my exclusive 01 Jun 21 piece, Follow the Money, which first told readers that the energy sector is the conduit to move illegal and laundered money internationally and that it manifests in private equity deals.

See all of my years-old and ongoing analysis into Burisma [Ukraine] and CEFC Energy Company [China], which not coincidentally and not mistakenly overlay the two epicenters of corruption, criminality, treason, and a pending thermonuclear WWIII for the Biden Crime Family.

From Follow the Money [emphasis added],

To demonstrate the complexity here, consider the two primary corporations that link to the Biden crime family – Rosemont Seneca and Boahai Harvest. Bohai Harvest alone has 680 offshore entities, 101 officers, 12 intermediaries, and 35 global locations that span Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Singapore, Jersey, Switzerland, Guernsey, UK, Isle of Man, China, Panama, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Seychelles, Bahamas, and more.

Political Moonshine / Follow the Money

Location and jurisdiction are essential, as I noted some locations above.

I tracked Joe Biden all over the globe as he opened shop in country after country using the same old canned script rooted in energy.

In December 2022, I reminded folks that the history of the Bahamas would be relevant to SBF, and I elaborated on the importance of it in this article, which says“It seems the Chinese entanglements are being brushed under the rug as they put this pig in a dress and apply lipstick calling it a diplomatic issue in consideration of the Bahama’s jurisdiction and prosecutorial discretion. As I pointed out back in December, don’t forget who owns the Bahamas.”

The quote was followed by this:

The analysis was immediate in that the FTX cover-up was in full play:

1-Look Here, House Drama and Quid Pro Joe’s Classified Docs, Don’t Look Here, the FTX Fix Is In
2-The Keystone of Corruption: The Fix Is in for the FTX/Ukraine Money Laundering Operation – New Evidence, Old Politics, Same Crimes
3-THE KEYSTONE of CORRUPTION: Loose Lips Sink Ships, but It Does Not Matter If You’re SBF and the FTX Fix Is In
4-THE KEYSTONE OF CORRUPTION: Projected Scenario Materializing, Biden’s DOJ Offers to Drop 5 of 13 Charges Against Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried

It became impossible to deny the early analysis when, months later the DOJ dropped 5 of the original 13 charges against SBF [see the fourth article above.]

Recall these facts:

1-The FTX/SBF scandal represents unavoidable circumstances that necessitate a formal cover-up [millions lost billions of real money]

2-The nature of the FTX crypto-based Ukrainian money laundering operation specifically entailed laundering US funds sent to Ukraine under false/manufactured pretenses [military and human aid packages] approved by the US politicians that received back substantial portions of those funds as campaign donations

3-The FTX scandal involves mostly Democrats but includes Republicans while it specifically envelops Joe Biden as the primary beneficiary and Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy on the other side; so the primary leadership on both sides of the ‘Uniparty’ coin requires handling

For these reasons, DOJ is doing exactly and precisely what I projected it would, and now we have further evidence to this end, where we apply our lenses for understanding: the Trump indictment, the Bahamas, jurisdiction, and prosecutorial discretion relative to extradition.

This is from Forbes on 27 Jul 23 and includes a review of previous analysis to begin [emphasis added]:

[Review] Under the terms of Bankman-Fried’s extraditionany additional charges brought against him would need to be approved by the Bahamian government. A court in the Bahamas has blocked the country’s government from approving the five additional charges—which include bank fraud, operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business, and bribery—until his attorneys have a chance to fight them.

[New] DOJ Will Not Pursue Campaign Finance Charge Against Sam Bankman-Fried: The Justice Department will not pursue a campaign finance charge against Sam Bankman-Fried as part of an effort to adhere to the legal obligations of the FTX founder’s extradition from the Bahamas.

In December, the campaign finance violation charge was among eight counts present in the DOJ’s original indictment—which also includes wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering.

In a filing late Wednesday addressed to New York federal judge Lewis Kaplan, the DOJ said they had been informed that Bahamas “did not intend to extradite the defendant on the campaign contributions count.”

In adherence with the government’s “treaty obligations” to the Bahamas, the DOJ informed Kaplan it “does not intend to proceed to trial on the campaign contributions count.”

The filing was made hours after Kaplan issued a gag order against the former crypto billionaire after prosecutors accused him of leaking former girlfriend and business partner Caroline Ellison’s personal writings to the New York Times.


It’s no different than the enterprise fraud vectors of COVID-19, where existing policies, regulations, legislation, and statutes were exploited in a fraudulently predicated “emergency” that triggered extra-constitutional authority permitting the usurpation of President Trump’s Article II Executive authority.

In the matter of SBF/FTX, the cover-up is a construct that occurs by exploiting jurisdiction, extradition, prosecutorial discretion, and extradition treaty to fraudulently predicate the declination in charging SBF in deference to the Bahamas and, in reality, in deference to Great Britain.

That’s the same Great Britain that is a member of the 5 Eyes intelligence and security accord, which is a tendril of the cancer we know as the stolen 2020 election that continues to metastasize into entrapment operations, cover-up operations, and the weaponization of justice causing an unending string of indictments against the man who can undo it all.

There is high confidence in the analysis that the FTX fix is in, the cover-up operation continues, and the design of it gives DOJ an out where it can place the blame for SBF’s eventual walk or light sentencing at the feet of the Bahamas.

More importantly, there is equally high confidence in the analysis holding that by not pursuing campaign finance charges against SBF, DOJ is throwing a veil over criminality by Biden, McConnell, McCarthy, a crowd of Democrats, and some Republicans.

And that’s how you cover things up.

The FTX fix has been on from the beginning, and the evidence confirming that analysis continues to stack up in spades.


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