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Colonialists Ben and Jerry’s lose $2 billion in market cap after boycott

The parent company on the left colonialists known as Ben & Jerry’s has lost $2 billion in market capitalization after colonialists hypocritically spread America’s Fourth of July.

Looks like Ben & Jerry’s is becoming “The Bud Light of ice cream.”

The New York Post reports that shares of Unilever, the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s, “fell 0.8% on Thursday after closing down 0.5% the previous day.” That meant a drop in market capitalization from $130.2 billion to $128.5 billion.

Pedestrians walk along Church St. in front of the Ben & Jerry’s store in Burlington, Vt., Wednesday, March 11, 2020. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Remember that Ben & Jerry’s is a small part of Unilever, a large century-old British multinational that sells dozens of home brands.

So what could have caused this sudden drop in inventory after the Fourth of July weekend, a time when people are consuming more things, not less, especially ice cream? And this was a hot Fourth of July, perfect for ice cream consumption. I know because the wife and I were camping and had the AC running all day. (I won’t camp without air conditioning. I’m not a savage.)

McDonalds ice cream cones

Mcdonald’s ice cream cones (Alpha/Flickr)

Well, that $2 billion loss, with a “B,” might have something to do with Ben & Jerry’s posting an anti-American tweet on July 4 demanding that the U.S. return all its lands to Indians . Ben & Jerry’s demanded that we begin with the “immediate” return of Mount Rushmore to the Sioux.

As I explained this week, this is a stupid and, yes, immoral idea. At some point in the past, the Sioux probably stole this land from another tribe. You see, Western Europeans did not introduce land theft, slavery, and genocide to American Indians. Long before we arrived, the Indians had settled. For thousands and thousands of years, tribes were wiped out, enslaved, and stole land from other tribes. How far are we supposed to go with these repairs? Why return stolen land to the Sioux if the Sioux were sitting on stolen land?

we won This is what happened. America won the 400 year war for the American West. Both sides committed unpardonable atrocities. The American federal government broke too many treaties. But we won. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. If we hadn’t won this land from the Indians, there would be no air conditioning.

Anyway, this story took a glorious turn when it was discovered that Ben and Jerry are both colonialists whose headquarters in Vermont are located on the ground. stolen from the Abenakis (who probably stole it from some other tribe).

Regular people have had it, which should worry corporate America more than anything. Transheuser Busch decided to do business with a transvestite. The results have been catastrophic, especially for the Bud Light brand, dead by the doornails. Target decided to go into the baby grooming business with Satanists. The results have been catastrophic. The Walt Disney Co. he embraced identity politics and awakened preparation. The results have been catastrophic, especially for its film division, which has released one flop after another.

Wil R/Star Max/GC Images, Natalie Behring/Getty Images

Normal people are hard to stir. You see, normal people are quite satisfied with their lives and believe in it live and let live We tend to ignore things and focus on our priorities: family, work, home, air conditioning… But these leftist companies have marked our tolerance. We are sick of being bombarded with sexual deviance. Our children are being targeted by what can only be called corporate personalization. Demand that we return the land to the Indians who probably stole it themselves…? living man

We’ve had enough. These corporations have abused our goodwill and it is costing them billions. The hard part will be trying to recover. Because once you lose normal people, we tend to get lost.

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