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CNN inadvertently argues for an impeachment inquiry

Written by Jonathan Turley,

I recently wrote a column about five facts that justified the initiation of an impeachment investigation.

While I have emphasized that I do not believe there is currently sufficient evidence for an actual indictment, I am puzzled by the claim that there is insufficient evidence to warrant an investigation into potential impeachable offenses.

Notably, CNN just reactivated its fact-checking team for a review of the basis of the consultation. In doing so, the network made an ironclad argument in support of chairman Kevin McCarthy’s decision.

CNN made this claim:

Claim: The Biden family and associates obtained $20 million through shell companies

“Bank records show that nearly $20 million in payments were directed to members and associates of the Biden family through various shell companies,” McCarthy said.

First facts: This is true about Joe Biden’s family and associates, but so far there is no public evidence that the president has personally received any money.

That’s a fair fact check, but it’s also why President McCarthy started the investigation.

We don’t know where that money went, why it was sent through this maze of accounts, or what it was intended to buy. That is why it is an impeachment research.

The media and several Democrats recently belatedly admitted that Hunter Biden was involved in a corrupt influence peddling operation. This was made clear by Hunter’s associate Devon Archer, who said they were selling the “Biden brand” and that brand was Joe Biden. Clearly, these corrupt foreign figures in China, Ukraine and Russia (including some accused of corruption in their own countries) thought they were getting something other than Hunter for their money. After all, one of these figures referred to Hunter as dumber than his dog. However, experts and politicians now insist that this was just the “illusion” of access. In other words, these notoriously corrupt figures were fools fed up by associates of Hunter and Biden.

However, how do we know it was an “illusion”? You have a trusted FBI informant relaying a claim by a Ukrainian that he gave a “bribe to Biden” but was told not to pay him directly. As I mentioned previouslyonly a moron would pay Joe Biden directly for that influence or access.

CNN repeatedly returns to this fact in each of the verified claims. Again, this is exactly why we have a query. Bribery is a stated basis for impeachment in the Constitution. Even CNN agrees that if Biden received these benefits, it would be a serious offense.

Also worth noting, like me previously raised, that the requirement for an envelope full of money or a deposit slip in Joe and Jill Biden’s checking account is a somewhat ridiculous condition. If millions went to Biden’s children and grandchildren, it’s still a boon for the president.

Joe Biden is currently worth over $8 million. At his age, he will never spend the wealth he has. Most people in your position focus on ways to leave financial legacies for your family and minimize estate and death taxes. It is absurd to suggest that millions going to Joe Biden’s family would not constitute a benefit to him.

Finally, the investigation is looking into whether some of those funds ended up in Joe Biden’s accounts. There are indications that both Hunter and Joe received money from some of these accounts and used shared credit cards. For example, there are indications that Hunter used his father’s credit card to pay prostitutes.

This, again, is precisely the point of the impeachment inquiry. The House will now have to subpoena the bank and personal financial records of both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. So far, House committees have focused on tracking money through wire transfers.

For that CNN’s fact-checking is a complete call for an impeachment inquiry. The link between this massive amount of money and President Biden is precisely what the House will now try to establish.



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