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CMT Could Become the New Bud Light After ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Decision

CMT Could Become the New Bud Light After ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Decision

Title: CMT Could Become the New Bud Light After ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Decision


Country Music Television (CMT) is on the rise and might just become the new Bud Light after their recent decision surrounding the controversial song ‘Try That in a Small Town.’ With a focus on rural communities, CMT showcases the heart and soul of country music while challenging societal norms. This article delves into the impact of their decision and the potential for CMT to rise as a cultural icon like Bud Light.


Renowned for its country music programming, CMT has always celebrated the genre’s authenticity and promoted emerging artists. In contrast, Bud Light, one of the most popular beer brands in the United States, has become an iconic and inclusive cultural symbol that unites people from various backgrounds.

The ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Decision

CMT’s recent decision regarding the song ‘Try That in a Small Town’ exemplifies their commitment to showcasing the true essence of country life. The song, performed by a talented local artist based in rural Tennessee, cements CMT’s dedication to supporting small-town musicians and promoting their stories on a national stage.

While the decision may have initially raised some eyebrows, CMT’s boldness in taking a risk pays off. By embracing the traditional roots of country music and championing underrepresented voices, CMT has managed to spark conversations and create a buzz throughout the industry. Similar to Bud Light’s memorable commercials and marketing campaigns, CMT is now building a distinct identity that separates it from other music television channels.

Similarities Between CMT and Bud Light

Both CMT and Bud Light share certain qualities that contribute to their potential similarities. Firstly, they both prioritize authenticity above all else. Bud Light’s famous “Dilly Dilly” campaign, for example, tapped into humor while promoting their beer in a genuine, relatable way, becoming a cultural phenomenon. Similarly, CMT’s focus on rural communities and the artists who hail from them resonates with audiences looking for a genuine connection to the music they love.

Secondly, both brands are adept at capturing the spirit of their respective industries. Bud Light cleverly positions itself as a beer that brings people together in a party atmosphere, while CMT represents country music as a reflection of the rich stories and values of its listeners. By embracing the roots and heritage of country music, CMT embodies the spirit of the genre, appealing to fans seeking an authentic and meaningful experience.

Opportunities for CMT

Given the current cultural climate, CMT has a tremendous opportunity to cement itself as a cultural icon akin to Bud Light. Through their decision to champion rural voices and uphold the values of country music, they can establish themselves as a brand synonymous with authenticity, inclusivity, and community.

Moreover, CMT has the potential to further expand its influence by hosting more live events, collaborations, and supporting grassroots efforts within the country music scene. By generating unique content that highlights the powerful stories of country artists across the country, CMT can tap into the collective desire for genuine experiences and become a recognized cultural touchstone.


Country Music Television’s recent decision surrounding the song ‘Try That in a Small Town’ has positioned the channel as a frontrunner to become the new Bud Light of the music industry. By staying true to their values and embracing the essence of country life, CMT has the opportunity to captivate audiences with authenticity and inclusivity. With their dedication to rural culture and emerging artists, CMT can build a lasting legacy as a cultural touchstone, just like Bud Light has achieved in the realm of beer.

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