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For those who think Trump shouldn’t be POTUS in 2024 because he didn’t fully “drain the swamp” in his first term, allow me to offer some perspective.

Do you remember what it was like in 2017? Do you remember how many people were still completely brainwashed by the TV?

If Trump arrested Deep State actors as soon as he showed up, it would have been chaos, civil war, mass civilian casualties, legitimate threat to NATSEC, breakdown of society, etc.

At the time, a small percentage of the population even knew about the Deep State, let alone believed it was a real thing. Trump and his supporters were mocked relentlessly back then for talking about the Deep State, and now it’s widely recognized as a reality.

A large percentage of Americans believed the MSM at the time that Trump conspired with Russia. On top of that, Trump was hamstrung by the Mueller investigation. If Trump went scorched-earth on the Deep State during this time, it would not have worked. The Leftists were already emboldened to riot due to the BLM insanity. It would have been ugly.

We were on pace to handle it in Trump’s 2nd term, and then they released C19 on the world, the bio-medical police state was implemented, mail-in ballots were sent out en masse, the steal happened, and everything changed.

However, Biden’s disastrous term pretty much confirmed Trump was right about everything, and the American People got a quick 4 year dose of full-blown Orwellian totalitarian dystopia.

This caused a significant portion of the People to wake up to the realities about corruption and degeneration of society that Trump was talking about. The Left, the media, the corporations, all of the elements of the Deep State went completely batshit crazy, exposing themselves to the People.

Now add the optics of Biden weaponizing the DOJ to go after Trump over nothing, and all the sudden, if Trump went after the Deep State in his 2nd term, the public would not only understand it, they agree with him.

Then add additional layers, like that Biden admin and their Deep State affiliates are 100% responsible for the war in Ukraine, as they are trying to defend their illegal offshore proxy they created via CIA color revolution in 2014. Funding and arming nazi military forces and dragging the US/NATO into WW3 with nuclear superpower Russia and China waiting patiently in the shadows.

Why will Trump drain the swamp during his next term? Because the People get it now. They see what he was talking about. They had a front row seat to witness it for the last 7+ years.

Trump now has the political ammunition and the global support to do what is necessary and rid the world of the Deep State. And equally as important, the Deep State have lost control of the narrative because of the parabolic takeover of citizen journalism thanks to Elon’s introduction of free speech on Twitter.

Trump didn’t have all this going for him his first time around. Now much more of the world is awake, and more of them will continue to wake as WW3 and nuclear destruction looms over us all.

Trump said it himself. “We are in a position to do that now because Pandora’s Box has been opened. People will say ‘now we get it’”.

The Left are right; if Trump wins 2024, it WILL be a “Retribution Presidency”.


President Trump With Howie Carr:

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