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Christie says he’s ‘living rent free in Donald’s head’ after Trump shares photo of him sleeping

Christie says he’s ‘living rent free in Donald’s head’ after Trump shares photo of him sleeping

Title: Christie Hits Back: ‘Living Rent-Free in Donald’s Head’


In an unexpected turn of events, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie found himself thrust into the media spotlight once again after former President Donald Trump shared a photo mocking him for dozing off during an event. Dubbed as a ‘sleeping beauty’ by Trump, Christie fired back, claiming he is “living rent-free in Donald’s head.” This unconventional exchange between two prominent Republicans has drawn attention across party lines, leaving many to wonder what lies beneath their apparent rivalry.


Chris Christie’s witty retort managed to spark a ripple of laughter in the political arena, but it also mirrors a deeper issue: the lingering influence each holds over the other. Like magnets of opposite polarity, Christie’s name and actions consistently draw Trump’s attention. His ability to provoke a reaction from the former president is unparalleled, and it begs the question of just how significant Christie’s impact has been on Trump’s presidency and beyond.

Christie’s influence on Trump:

Despite their initial camaraderie during the 2016 presidential campaign, Christie’s sharp political instincts have often clashed with Trump’s bombastic style. This clash has led to a series of disagreements and setbacks throughout Trump’s tenure. Notably, as United States Attorney for New Jersey, Christie prosecuted Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, for income tax evasion charges. Such experiences may have laid the foundation for an underlying tension between the two.

While Christie’s tenure as governor garnered both praise and criticism, his presence within Trump’s orbit has proven to be a double-edged sword. The former governor’s endorsement of Trump in 2016 played a vital role in solidifying his campaign’s appeal to a broader Republican base. Conversely, his brief involvement in Trump’s transition team and subsequent dismissal due to ideological clashes highlight the natural conflicts that arise between two strong-willed personalities.

The Accomplishments of the Trump White House Administration:

It is essential to reflect on the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration, which have undoubtedly influenced the political landscape. Under the leadership of President Trump, the administration enacted significant tax reform, leading to lower corporate tax rates and increased incentives for businesses. Additionally, deregulation efforts aimed to boost the economy and create a favorable environment for job growth.

Furthermore, the administration prioritized criminal justice reform, leading to the passage of the First Step Act. This groundbreaking legislation aimed to reduce recidivism rates and improve conditions for federal inmates while maintaining public safety standards. Additionally, the Trump administration streamlined government operations, cutting unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape, which significantly benefited businesses and individuals alike.


While the photo shared by Donald Trump highlighting Christie’s snooze may have initiated a humorous exchange, it unveils a complex relationship between two prominent Republicans. Christie’s quick wit may have helped him bounce back in the skirmish, proving that he continues to exert an unrecognized influence over Trump. As political dynamics continue to evolve, it’s only a matter of time before the former president and the former governor’s relationship takes another unexpected turn, captivating the public eye once more.

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