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China is trying to steal the US presidential election, again!

The Chinese have already bought our US billionaire class, are causing nearly 100,000 US deaths a year with fentanyl, unleashed the COVID-19 virus that the Centers for Disease Control says killed 1,136 .473 Americans, have bought 380,000 acres of strategic US farmland, and will likely try to steal the next election from Donald J. Trump. In fact, they probably helped steal the last presidential election, in 2020.

What you say? How could they do it?

A Chinese company linked to the Chinese Communist Party already owns or controls 32 of the precincts in major US cities. But isn’t it illegal? Well, the FBI knows. They actually got proof from the True the Vote organization. And the feds are more focused on True the Vote than the Chinese. And some of the researchers who discovered this connection with the Chicoms hope to be punished for it.

These are the facts, Jack.

So why isn’t anyone telling you this but me? Because I have sources. I have researched and exposed many stories over the 26 years that WND has been in business. Hundreds of them. My staff is responsible for many more firsts.

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Or maybe you heard about it from my staff or a representative of my company. Or possibly someone within True the Vote staff or otherwise. Or maybe you just don’t believe me. Here’s a way to check for yourself. reads “Total Loss of Control: US Voting System Data Compromised by China”, just one of the exclusive stories we’ve published this week about the scandal. Or maybe you to think you heard it on Fox News. Are you kidding? Rupert Murdock left the incomparable Tucker Carlson and does a lot of business with China. He is also 92 years old and does not live in the United States. Do you think he cares?

So who else in the press will tell you? I, and I have been shouting it from the rooftops since I found out and saw the proof. Through the software company Konnech, the Chinese control some strategic polling places, such as in Boston, Michigan and even the largest counties in Virginia, such as Fairfax, Loudon and others. Does Governor Glenn Younkin know this? I do not think so. If I knew, I think I would stop everything.

Most of the so-called media reports on far less significant stories, not that big of a deal. They actually hide stories like this. Wouldn’t you say that most of it is “fake news”? Of couse.

There’s another reason you probably haven’t read it on the internet. Because stories like this are censored by Google. That’s okay. Google is quite possibly the biggest censor on the planet. There are entire categories of news they censor, including any story like this.

For example, they censor every outlet covering the 2020 election interference and claim it was stolen. This was Google’s excuse two years ago. They even say that the elections were fair in Brazil, when they were surely rigged. Google doesn’t even try to censor WND anymore. do you know why Because we were demonetized after 24 years to be a pain in the rear. They only demonetized one other news site I know of: the Gateway Pundit. Maybe Alex Jones too. I’m not sure.

But you’d be hard-pressed to find any news site that takes President Donald Trump seriously in his popular rants that he was cheated out of the presidency in 2020. Why? Because most other news sites know that to do so they risk being demonetized. They realize they don’t make the rules on their own news sites; Google does it. That’s why you get fake news all over the internet, because Google obviously likes it. And Joe Biden likes it too, as does Merrick Garland and the Justice Department and the entire administration. They may claim that there is still “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press” in America, but their actions betray their words.

Right now, I think the CCP is the best partner the Biden camp could prepare to prevent Trump from winning in 2024. Trump’s best anti-CCP campaign planned the interference early. Maybe he doesn’t even know it yet.

Seriously, hardly anyone knows yet. Want to know everything at your next party? Just say you read it here first. Or just be prepared to say, after 2024, in the immortal words of Victoria Jackson, “There’s another communist living in the White House.” As you tell this story, be sure to point others to the True the Vote site that has all the evidence: Open the ink.

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