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Carrying a round in chamber saved my life. – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Carrying a round in chamber saved my life. – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

I am 100% second amendment and I’ll never budge on that.

However, I have a fundamental disagreement with the encouraged carry ethos of the concealed carry community that says you gotta be able to present and fire as fast as possible, so you need to be hot (round chambered) and carrying at either appendix or 3/4 o’clock and be ready to fast draw and fire at a moments notice and defend yourself even at point blank range.

My problem with this is first and foremost one of context.

In any situation where you will need to defend yourself in such conditions you already made a mistake in 99% of them by not having your head on a swivel and seeing the situation before it arose.

Trying to compensate for that by fast drawing like you are clint eastwood is a recipe for disaster.

Also, inside of 5 feet, if your life is threatened and you are reaching for a sidearm you already screwed up. Where is your knife?

I carry a glock 17 in my sling bag at all times on my back, safely holstered and fully loaded with spare mags in a purpose made concealed pocket. If I think I might need it that bag is on my side with my hand inside ready to draw and I can have it out faster than you can with any on body holster I guarantee it. And I never have to expose myself to charges of brandishing or menacing or anything else by walking around clearly intent on shooting someone (this will get you arrested).

I carry a knife, legal in my state, that I am comfortable fighting with and my hand never leaves the pocket its in when I’m out of my vehicle. I’ve tested this in mock draw contests with my brother in law who is a state trooper. Inside 5 feet he doesn’t have a chance against me with his sidearm and he is combat trained. I can palm that knife while closed and you can’t tell I have it til the blade is out and that takes a tenth of a second tops.

Think about why you are doing what you are doing. Think also about how it looks to people around you. Think about the entirety of your responsibility to protect yourself. The legal jeopardy is as great as the threat to your life when using a weapon or even just having one.

Wisdom, discretion, preparedness and humility. If you don’t have all four, do us all a favor and leave your gun at home.

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