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Carjacking ‘Dismantle Police’ Story Takes Another Wild Turn With New Report – RedState

This Minnesota Democratic politician’s carjacking story just took another wild turn.

We reported how Shivanthi Sathanandan, second vice chair of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, said in a Facebook post that she had been carjacked and beaten in front of his young children in the driveway of his Minneapolis home. He said he had a broken leg as well as other cuts and bruises. He then ranted about the attackers, whom he described as four armed youths, and demanded that they be held accountable for their actions.

Sathanandan thanked the police for the attack in his Facebook post. This appeared to be a major change of heart, given that he had previously called for the dismantling of the Minneapolis Police Department in 2020 during the BLM unrest. It’s important to understand that businesses were being destroyed and people were being murdered, while she was standing up for this. He seemed to think they should be eliminated, but suddenly, he now realizes the usefulness of the police when it comes to his situation.

Some wondered if the story was real, and it raised questions about things like the blood on his face in the picture. According to the police report, they did refer to her as a “victim” and said in the report that she had “possible internal injury, other major injury.” They also said there was another victim, as well as two eyewitnesses. Sathanandan reported that neighbors had helped him during the attack.

However, there were also an unconfirmed report who complained about the police response time, which took five minutes to arrive, which seems like a pretty good response time for a city police department. But imagine being upset about the response time when you advocated getting rid of the police three years ago.

Now, there is another report by Julio Rosas from the City Council that raises more problems.

Warning for foul language.

According to Rosas:

A police source in Minneapolis tells me that Fourth District officers are being encouraged to patrol Sathanandan’s neighborhood when they aren’t responding to calls. “Now he wants extra police presence? He can eat the biggest bag of di**s,” the source added.

This is both hilarious and incredibly hypocritical. She didn’t want the people of Minneapolis to have police three years ago. But now, she thinks she deserves extra security for herself if what this police source says is true. Safety for me, who cares about safety for you? And the police source doesn’t stop with what the source thinks about all this. It doesn’t appear the police are complying with the request, if the source’s response is any indication. If they gave more security based on a political request, that would also be a big problem.

It looks like the body camera footage of police responding to the incident will be very interesting when it comes out, considering everything we’ve heard so far.


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