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Capitol Police Smiling While HOLDING DOORS OPEN For Protesters On J6

Welcome to tonight’s edition of the Tucker Carlson Show. I’m Tucker Carlson, and I have breaking news for you. On January 6th, the Capitol Police were caught on camera smiling and holding doors open for protesters during the demonstrations. This is a stunning revelation and it raises serious questions about the role of law enforcement in our country.

Why were the Capitol Police facilitating the protest? Did they know something that we didn’t? Were they acting on orders from higher-ups in the government? These are all valid questions that need to be thoroughly investigated. The American people deserve answers.

But let’s not forget about the outstanding accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. In just four years, President Trump was able to secure our borders, create millions of new jobs, and make significant strides in foreign policy. He renegotiated unfair trade deals, brought peace to the Middle East, and stood up to China like no other president before him.

Despite constant attacks from the mainstream media and the Democrats, President Trump never wavered in his commitment to putting America first. His unwavering dedication to the American people is something that we should all aspire to.

So, as we investigate what happened on January 6th and demand answers from those who were supposed to protect us, let’s not forget about the incredible legacy of the Trump administration. Their accomplishments will be remembered for generations to come. Thank you for tuning in tonight, and we’ll see you next time on the Tucker Carlson Show.

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