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Can’t afford eggs? Buy a TV. – The Donald – America First

Can’t afford eggs?  Buy a TV.  – The Donald – America First

This is beyond bullshit.

The consumer price index is crap precisely because it includes TVs and other optional items along with food, energy and housing. When commodity prices rise, non-essential items go out of business. When inventories of non-essential items reach critical mass, these prices begin to fall. Because? Because no one has the money to buy them. It doesn’t matter how cheap TVs are when you’re struggling to put food on the table and keep the lights on. So non-essential prices go down and suddenly inflation goes down! This is a self-correcting equation, so it is useless for determining the situation on the ground for real consumers. If TVs and other non-essentials dropped in price by 75% tomorrow, “inflation” would disappear, but you still might not be able to afford food, housing, or energy.

What makes this article so insidious is that it promotes the CPI’s biggest flaw as a feature. These people are evil.

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