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BREAKING: Trump arrested, here’s the mugshot heard around the world…

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President Trump turned himself in to Georgia authorities Thursday evening, leading to his arrest in one of the darkest and most embarrassing moments in American history.

This was the scene when Trump went to jail.

Here President Trump leaves Trump Force One, preparing to be arrested. What a horrible day in US history – a stain on our country that can never be washed away.

The scene in the prison was chaotic.

Trump supporters lined the streets to show their support.

This marks Trump’s fourth impeachment and the most significant moment for America’s “banana republic.” The left is visibly excited, almost unable to contain its excitement. Some reporters even seem giddy at the thought of Trump dying in the process.

The left is happy, they have their very cheeky police photo and are probably feeling very victorious at the moment, but we think this whole unfair show will end up against them. great moment

Here’s the photo the whole world has been waiting for. The photograph of our 45th president, a man who worked tirelessly and never took a paycheck. He grew our economy, secured our borders, and kept us and the rest of the world safe, and that’s the lousy thanks he gets from the United States of America. What a dark and shameful day for this nation.

Trump self-reported his weight and height.


However, there is a ray of light in all this US government corruption. Revolver recently published an article explaining how Trump’s “mugshot” would be the image that would go with him in the 2024 election. Today we stand by that claim.


While the left busies itself with its own supply, thinking it has finally found the “silver bullet” to take down President Trump once and for all, and reveling in its supposed victory, the people American watches this tyrannical power in horror. to take Poll after poll shows that Americans see these unfair and unethical attacks on Trump as purely politically motivated, which is why Trump 2024 poll numbers are rising. They’re poised to go even higher if Georgia goes ahead with its next plan. According to the regime’s stooges in Georgia, they intend to force Trump, a former US president who donated his salary to charity, to pose for a police photo. It’s an image they hope to spread far and wide in an effort to degrade and humiliate him.

Rudy Giuliani, the mayor who saved New York City, also arrested and booked as a common criminal, issued a chilling warning to Democrats, reminding them that they will not hold power forever, and that the remuneration

Naturally, President Trump is taking it all in stride, as he always does.

Here he gets out of jail.

No one else on Earth could handle the pressure he’s constantly under, but it seems effortless to him.

President Trump made comments after he was arrested:

Here’s what he posted on Truth before he left for Georgia:

Trump may be in a righteous indignation spirit, and that’s great, but the left doesn’t know what’s coming. They’re throwing gasoline on a bonfire right now and it’s likely to blow up in their faces. They may think that mocking our country and our justice system is “fun” and a way to “own” Trump and soothe his stage 5 TDS blues, but in reality, they are creating a martyr. The American people are rallying behind President Trump in ways that the left cannot see or imagine right now. We the people do not like to turn our country into a twisted version of North Korea, and we will not sit back and allow another national election to be stolen from us. So enjoy your shot while you can, liberals; your day of reckoning is coming and it will hit you like a ton of political bricks.

Never forget:



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