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Bio lab linked to China discovered in Fresno Co, Calif: More than 900 mice ‘genetically engineered to catch and carry Covid-19 virus’ |

On March 3, an illegal bio lab was discovered in a building believed to be vacant in Reedley, California, in Fresno County. City code enforcement stumbled upon the building in December 2022 when they discovered a garden hose entering the building through a hole in the wall. In March, they obtained a warrant to inspect the property, and in April, the Fresno County Department of Public Health ordered an inspection of the facility.

Investigators inspected the building that housed the lab in July and found a room used for testing for COVID-19 and pregnancy tests. They also found more than 35 freezers and refrigeration units containing “thousands of bodily fluids, serums, tissues and other medical items.”

According to the Mid Valley Times:

According to an affidavit by Fresno County Deputy Public Health Director Humero Prado that was filed in superior court, investigators discovered that a room in the warehouse was being used for testing for COVID-19 and pregnancy. In other rooms, investigators found samples of blood, tissue and other body fluids. They also found thousands of vials containing unlabeled liquids.


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