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Billionaire Donor Announces Intention To Back Trump

Billionaire Donor Announces Intention To Back Trump

Title: Billionaire Donor Ike Perlmutter Announces Intention to Back Donald Trump in Presidential Campaign


Former Disney executive Ike Perlmutter, with an estimated net worth of $3.9 billion, has recently announced his intention to financially support Donald Trump in the upcoming GOP presidential primary. This makes Perlmutter one of the richest donors behind the former president. The decision to back Trump comes as a blow to Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor whom Perlmutter had previously supported. In this article, we will delve into the details of Perlmutter’s support for Trump, the implications for DeSantis, and the underlying factors contributing to Perlmutter’s decision.

Perlmutter’s Intent to Financially Back Donald Trump

Ike Perlmutter’s spokesman confirmed to CNBC that the former Disney executive plans to make a “meaningful” financial contribution to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The exact amount of the donation has not been disclosed as yet, but it is expected to be substantial given Perlmutter’s immense wealth. This significant endorsement from one of the wealthiest individuals in the country could have a profound impact on Trump’s campaign and further solidify his standing among GOP candidates.

DeSantis’ Loss of Perlmutter’s Support

Perlmutter’s decision to shift his support from Ron DeSantis to Donald Trump marks a significant setback for the Florida governor. Perlmutter had previously backed DeSantis, donating $250,000 to support his successful 2018 governorship campaign and intending to support his 2022 re-election. The shift in allegiance is attributed to Perlmutter’s dissatisfaction with Disney’s involvement in politics and clashes between the entertainment giant and DeSantis.

Perlmutter’s Disagreement with Disney’s Political Involvement

Following his departure from Disney earlier this year, Ike Perlmutter expressed his views on the company’s involvement in politics. In a conversation with DeSantis, Perlmutter agreed that Disney should refrain from engaging in politics. He recognized that the entertainment giant should remain neutral in order to avoid divisive controversies. Disney’s criticism of a Republican-supported bill known as “Don’t Say Gay” was a key point of contention, exacerbating the existing disagreement between the company and DeSantis.

Perlmutter’s Troubles with Disney’s Management

Further contributing to Perlmutter’s decision to sever ties with Disney was his strained relationship with the company’s management and executives, particularly those allied with CEO Bob Iger. Perlmutter claimed that he was fired as chairman of Marvel Entertainment because he advocated aggressively for cost-cutting measures. These clashes highlight the internal struggles within Disney and the ensuing ramifications on high-level executives.

Implications for Donald Trump and the GOP Presidential Campaign

Ike Perlmutter’s backing of Donald Trump carries significant implications for the former president’s campaign and the larger GOP landscape. As one of the wealthiest donors supporting Trump, Perlmutter’s financial contributions can provide crucial support for campaign infrastructure, advertising, and grassroots efforts. Moreover, this endorsement lends credibility to Trump’s candidacy, strengthening his position as a frontrunner in the Republican primaries.


The announcement of Ike Perlmutter’s intention to financially back Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary has sent shockwaves through the political landscape. Perlmutter, a former Disney executive with immense wealth, brings substantial resources and influence to Trump’s campaign. While this decision is a blow to Ron DeSantis, it underscores the complexities and shifting alliances within the world of politics. As the 2024 presidential race unfolds, the role of influential donors, such as Perlmutter, will continue to shape the strategies and fortunes of political candidates.

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