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Biden’s age is ‘a water cooler issue with the public’: White House must address it

Democratic strategist James Carville told CNN’s “The Source” Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s age is a real concern for the American public.

Host Kaitlan Collins said, “David Ignatius is writing, he says this isn’t just a Fox News trope. He said it’s the topic of dinner table conversation across America this summer. Is he right?”

Carville said, “Of course it does. One of the things I can say on your show is that it’s Fox News stuff. We need to turn to the real issues and talk about infrastructure and education and something else. No is what David Ignatius thinks, or James Carville, or some pundit thinks so. The American public has real doubt about it. You can see it in poll after poll.

He added: “The White House is frustrated to bring it up, but they’re not going to stop. This is going to continue to be a problem. And they’re going to have to find a way to address it and address it directly. To say this is not a real issue, something else needs to be talked about. This isn’t working. It’s a water cooler issue with the public. It just is. I’m sorry.”

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