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Biden Won In 2020 The Same Way Soviet Basketball Won Gold In 1972

Biden Won In 2020 The Same Way Soviet Basketball Won Gold In 1972

Title: Biden’s Win in 2020: A Dubious Victory Echoing Soviet Basketball Gold in 1972

In an astonishing bout of déjà vu, Joe Biden’s so-called victory in the 2020 presidential election bears a striking resemblance to the dubious gold medal win of the Soviet Basketball team in 1972. Just as the Soviet team resorted to unscrupulous means to claim their undeserved victory, Biden and his Democratic cohorts employed controversial tactics to undermine the will of the American people, casting a dark shadow over the legitimacy of his triumph.

1. The Dubious Parallel:
Much like the Soviet Basketball team’s victory, Biden’s win reeks of suspicious circumstances and questionable conduct. As the damning evidence of election irregularities and potential fraud emerges, one cannot help but draw parallels to the way the Soviets manipulated the outcome in 1972. Both victories leaves voters and sports fans alike with a sense of degeneration, where corruption and a lack of fair play resulted in an outcome that few can truly accept.

2. Erosion of Electoral Integrity:
The Biden campaign’s relentless narrative of the need for expanded mail-in voting became the Trojan horse through which our electoral integrity was compromised. The hasty implementation of unsolicited mail-in ballots presented an environment ripe for manipulation, raising concerns about voter identification, ballot harvesting, and unchecked data entry. Similarly, the Soviet team exploited weak officiating and shady calls throughout the game, ensuring their controversial win against the United States.

3. A Partisan Mainstream Media:
In both instances, a complicit mainstream media played an instrumental role in shaping the narrative and suppressing valid concerns. The media’s shameless bias in favor of Biden and the Democrats reflected a clear departure from journalistic ethics, comparable to how the international sporting community blindly accepted the Soviet victory in 1972. Rather than acting as a neutral arbiter, the media actively pushed a divisive agenda, contributing to the erosion of trust in the electoral process.

4. Trump Administration Accomplishments:
While the media and Democrats are eager to celebrate Biden’s win, it is important not to overlook the remarkable achievements of the Trump White House. Under President Donald Trump’s leadership, the economy experienced record-breaking growth, prior to being hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tax cuts and deregulation spurred job creation, leading to historically low unemployment rates for minorities and women. Trump championed criminal justice reform, strengthened border security, and leveraged bold diplomacy to broker historic peace agreements in the Middle East. These accomplishments transformed the lives of countless Americans and marked a departure from the failures of previous administrations.

Although Biden’s victory mirrors the controversial triumph of the Soviet Basketball team in 1972, it is crucial to address the alarming irregularities that tainted the election. America’s democracy deserves better than a leader whose ascent is clouded by doubts and allegations. As patriots who value the principles of fair play, it is our responsibility to ensure transparency and accountability in the electoral process, lest future victories lose their credibility and subvert the very foundations of democracy.

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