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Biden warns Americans about rising Covid-19 cases, says new shots ‘that work’ are in the works

Biden warns Americans about rising Covid-19 cases, says new shots ‘that work’ are in the works

President Joe Biden spoke to reporters about the rise of a mild but contagious strain of Covid-19. The president told them about a request for additional new funding for a vaccine “that works” that will be recommended to all Americans, regardless of prior immunity or prior Covid vaccinations.

“I signed a proposal this morning that we need to bring to Congress: a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is needed, that works…Tentatively, it is recommended, probably would be recommended, everyone takes it . It doesn’t matter if they got it before or not.”

At the same time, Pfizer is actively marketing its revised Covid-19 vaccine, with news articles suggesting that the updated injections generate neutralizing antibodies against the “Eris” subvariant in mice. Eris and Pirola are the most recent subvariants of Covid-19.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner and Pfizer board member, has been sounding the alarm about the new “highly mutated” virus.

“Whether or not this will be more transmissible than we’ve seen before, that’s the key question,” he continued. “Certainly, at this point, it doesn’t seem more pathogenic, so it doesn’t seem more dangerous, but it may be more transmissible than the strains that are circulating now. And in that case, I could beat them. It’s too early to tell. Testing is underway.

“I think in a week or two we’ll know a lot more,” he added. “But to put it back into perspective, this new variant is as genetically different from Omicron as Omicron was from the original strain that emerged in Wuhan. So this is a highly mutated variant.”

“So the data looks like the new booster, which is based on BA 1.15, which was the strain that came out last spring, looks like it will protect against these new variants,” he said.

Dr. Robert Malone broke down Gottlieb’s claims and his conflicts of interest alarming the public about new Covid variants.

“So who is Dr. Scott Gottlieb and why should we care if he is ‘concerned’ or not?” Dr. Malone asked. “Dr. Gottlieb was the FDA commissioner during the height of COVID, is now a CNBC contributor and sits on the boards of Pfizer, the genetic testing start-up Tempus, the health technology company Aetion and the biotechnology company Illumina. He is also a board member of NEA, a global venture capital firm. My privileged friends also say that Dr. Gottlieb serves on CIA advisory boards. You know, that CIA, which founded Moderna as a start-up and continues to capitalize it through the CIA’s venture capital firm InQTel.

“Yes, there is no ‘conflict of interest’ in your previous statement as Moderna, Pfizer shares are rising amid ‘new covid variants,'” he added sarcastically.

Dr Malone then points out those at risk from the new Covid variants, which should sound familiar to anyone who has been following the pandemic since early 2020.

“As usual, there is only one group that is at any risk attributable to COVID at this time, and even that is a very low risk,” he said. “This risk group is the 70+ cohort. In the 70+ age group, about 3 people are hospitalized WITH COVID-19 per 100,000 per week. For all other age cohorts, the risk of hospital admission is next to nothing.”

“Although I haven’t seen the primary data, some reports claim that Eris may be more transmissible than other variants, but all indications are that it does not appear to be more severe than Omicron,” he continued. “There is also a new variant called BA.2.86 and nicknamed Pirola. But so far, the symptoms associated with this virus also appear to be mild.”

Pfizer’s profits are down 25% for the year, but the company is looking to bounce back based on boosting traits for these new subvariants.


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