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Biden Releases New Arizona Ad Touting ‘Manufacturing Boom’ Despite Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s Delay

On Labor Day, President Joe Biden released a new ad in Arizona promoting a “manufacturing boom” in the state, despite the recent delay at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) microchip plant in Phoenix, who recently stated that the lack of skilled workers. prevent the new facility from opening until 2025.

The 30 second ad features Phoenix resident Bill Ruiz, seconds a the hill, who boasts that “we’re building some of the biggest tech factories in the world right here” in Arizona and specifically lists the new semiconductor factories as an example, ultimately crediting “the laws that Joe Biden passed” for making his construction

However, TSMC, a Taiwanese company that has become the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, drew the ire of residents when it announced a one year delay at its new Phoenix factory during a July 21 earnings call, citing an alleged lack of skilled workers in Arizona to complete construction.

A microchip is a general term for semiconductor component products, while the term semiconductor refers to components that are widely used in most modern electronics.

TSMC is the main microchip maker for Apple’s iPhone product line and will reportedly be used to create processors for all new iPhones and some new Apple computers in the near future. TSMC’s first Arizona factory was originally scheduled to open in 2024, with a second to become operational in 2026.

The feud between TSMC and Arizona climbed in August, when the Arizona Pipe Trade 469 union, with more than 4,000 members in the state, started a petition asking US lawmakers to deny visas to up to 500 Taiwanese that TSMC wanted to bring into the country to complete the construction of the Phoenix factory. .

A website affiliates with the union warning that Arizona jobs “are at risk” because TSMC wants “good construction jobs to go to foreign workers, in this case from Taiwan,” and specifically blamed Biden and his CHIPS Act of the problem.

The XIPS Law provided nearly $300 billion to fund U.S. semiconductor research and manufacturing, but according to union president Aaron Butler, a “loophole” in the CHIPS Act means foreign companies must hire Americans to work in their new factories, but they can use foreign labor to build them.

“We stood with elected officials when they touted the jobs these projects will create,” wrote Butler, who toured the TSMC facility with Biden earlier this year, “and we need them to stand by of American workers as we fight to protect those jobs.”

Biden’s new ad blitz comes as recent polls show narrowly losing the state in a hypothetical Arizona rematch against former President Donald Trump.

That survey released The Emerson College poll on Aug. 8 showed the former president would receive 45 percent of the vote, beating Biden by three percentage points. Should academic Cornel West gain access to the Arizona presidential contest through the new No Labels party, pollsters found the race would become even tighter, with Trump receiving 42 percent, Biden 41 percent and West 4 percent.

Biden’s new ad will run for up to 16 weeks in the Phoenix market.

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Image “President Joe Biden with factory workers” by Joe Biden.


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