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Biden Lawfare on Hunter’s Laptop and Marco Polo’s Forensic Report

Biden Lawfare on Hunter’s Laptop and Marco Polo’s Forensic Report

At first, Hunter Biden’s laptop wasn’t Hunter Biden’s, and the mainstream media swore it was true. Then 51 intelligence officials put their names on a document claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop was just Russian disinformation. The mainstream media swore up and down again. Then Hunter Biden’s laptop became Hunter Biden’s laptop and the swearing-in stopped. Along the way, friend, colleague and patriot Garrett Ziegler obtained a copy of this laptop and along with his 503[c] The Marco Polo Group unpacked it all and published it all in a historically worthy forensic quality report so Americans could learn the sordid truth about the most corrupt first family in history.

Now, the same Hunter Biden who used the White House, the DOJ, the media and social media to bury the laptop story while maintaining that it wasn’t his, is preaching a civil suit against Ziegler based on that the Hunter Biden laptop is Hunter Biden’s laptop. .

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Among all, The Gateway Pundit, Jack Maxey, et al. have reached out to Ziegler and Marco Polo, first denying the play its due coverage until it was inevitable: cover it or be left behind by others who are, and then giving it coverage by planting a false narrative that Marco Polo had digitally altered the primary source evidence.

Ultimately, the fault was TGP’s poor forensics and failure to understand automated email timestamps.

Maxey was then caught using the pseudonym “Swissbro” to promote his own work, and once it came to light, the self-aggrandizing Maxey unraveled and disappeared.

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This article is the latest in a series that covers it all and contains links to the others: MARCO POLO and THE BIDEN LAPTOP: The Gateway Pundit is having his cake and eating it too.

The TGP reports changed and left Ziegler and Marco Polo alone as the authoritative and definitive source on a genuine Hunter Biden laptop.

Herein lies the real reason Hunter Biden is targeting Ziegler personally in civil litigation, because the laptop is genuine and Marco Polo’s legal possession and publication is laser-proof and reliable.

Therefore, when truth stands in the way of self-preservation, it attacks the bearer of truth.

This is a full and complete explanation of Biden’s legal guidance to Ziegler.

As we learned yesterday, reports states that Hunter Biden has filed a lawsuit against Garrett Ziegler over the analysis and report he compiled on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the resulting report.

I have reached out to Ziegler for comment and will present it once received.

This is what I know.

My background is in fraud work and I routinely prepared very complex written summary reports of investigative and analytical findings that were sent to my principals, who were primarily law firms and insurance companies.

This work and these reports were used to make determinations on legally contested matters, and therefore the work and the researcher are subject to scrutiny in court.

The level and quality of Marco Polo’s forensic report is expert and meets rigorous standards for fieldwork, while including primary and secondary evidence and evidence.

The Marco Polo report relies on scholarly style sourcing and citation and is arduous, copious, and expansive in support of Marco Polo’s analysis and findings; and where citations are based on open source.

By augmenting and bolstering the information and evidence from primary and secondary sources contained in the notebook with open source citations, Marco Polo creates a deep and wide container for the truth and has no apparent weaknesses, flaws, or holes.

Ultimately, the Marco Polo file on Hunter Biden’s laptop is an accurate and technically competent forensic report that meets the required standards and is suitable for presentation in legal and investigative matters.

Marco Polo’s technically proficient reporting has been designed by Ziegler to stand the test of time while meeting Ziegler’s demands that the work and reporting be legally compliant and within the principles of sound journalistic practice.

Marco Polo didn’t shoot from the hip.

Ziegler was tactical and methodical in his approach by creating a model for the work and then deploying the model to carry out that work with the tenacity of a honey badger.

In several words, it was a systematic model of proven completeness and accuracy.

Note the lack and complete absence of litigation against one particular aspect of Ziegler and Marco Polo’s work: the merits of the content of Marco Polo’s report.

No one is responsible for the veracity of the information because they cannot.

That’s why the Bidens target Ziegler on the individual: the messenger.

It is because the message of truth is irrefutable.

Truth is impervious to scrutiny through any lens framed by fidelity.

So the truth teller must be attacked and attacked.

As the truth goes, so goes the truth, or so they hope.

That’s what I know too.

Garrett Ziegler is a good man, a good friend, and a fierce patriot who is willing to fearlessly do what it takes to benefit all Americans; even those who detest him and consider him their enemy.

I have been to Ziegler’s house and stayed with him and his family.

I have sat in Ziegler’s office poring over a draft of this very dossier long before its release and listening to threatening voicemails received directly from a DEA agent about the testimony of a federal whistleblower who has now death.

When the intelligence community came out to contest the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop, he had long had a copy of that same laptop provided by Ziegler.

An ongoing, years-long private dialogue with Marco Polo’s team and others; along with opportunities to contribute to the production of the report, it has provided me with a keen and unique understanding of how the report was produced from behind the scenes.

It’s as easy as saying that Ziegler and the extended Marco Polo team are tremendous Americans who make monumental sacrifices and operate in a dangerous landscape doing difficult work for the American people and for this nation as a whole.

They deserve everyone’s support and encouragement.

The Bidens deserve to be excoriated and worse for their wanton deployment of the law to attack Joe Biden’s political opposition and now Garrett Ziegler represents yet another victim.

In response to Biden’s demand, Ziegler did this to tell CBS News:

“Neither I nor the non-profit organizations, Marco Polothey have received a lawsuit, but the one I read this morning from the Central District of California should embarrass Winston & Strawn LLP. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on,“Apart from the many state and federal laws and regulations that protect authors like me and the publication that Marco Polo does, it is not lost on us that Joe’s son filed this SLAPP a day after an impeachment inquiry was called in the his father announced. The president’s son is a disgrace to our great nation.

Garrett Ziegler [Zero Hedge]

Remember my first ones reports on the Biden laptop in relation to Marco Polo when I said this attempt to discredit the report by citing augmented or altered content:

There is an important contextual backdrop to this whole story surrounding The Gateway Pundit and it is this: TGP’s latest article is not his first attempt to discredit Marco Polo, although indirectly by giving his cover to Jack Maxey, who made remarkable unproven claims that they would indeed send the accurate report provided by Marco Polo. I explained it in a Telegram post on April 8, 22:

Here’s today’s smear piece from The Gateway Pundit for your independent consumption: Why is the Marco Polo group editing documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop?

political month

Now consider this aspect of Biden’s lawsuit against Ziegler as reported [emphasis added]”The 13-page lawsuit alleges that Ziegler and others violated federal and California privacy laws to “access, alter, manipulate, alter, copy and damage computer data” collected from alleged cloud storage on Hunter Biden’s laptop and iPhone without consent.

A possible parallel goal of this Biden lawsuit may be to use the civil side to file against Ziegler to discredit the veracity of the file as evidence in possible future criminal trials against Hunter and Joe Biden, as I said initially.

If the tree can be said to have been poisoned and the laptop not good as evidence, the ramifications could be damaging to credible evidence of a long list of crimes committed by Hunter and Joe Biden.

Another thing to consider is the timing of the Hunter Biden lawsuit relative to the timing of the Joe Biden impeachment investigation.

By collapsing the Biden laptop and the Marco Polo file in litigation; and by making Ziegler a defendant in the same litigation, the Bidens may be trying to obstruct the availability of that evidence for an impeachment trial of Joe Biden.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Biden-Ziegler suit, including any responses received from Ziegler.

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