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Biden Justice Department Reverses Course, Says Trump Can be Held Personally Liable in E. Jean Carroll’s Defamation Lawsuit

Biden Justice Department Reverses Course, Says Trump Can be Held Personally Liable in E. Jean Carroll’s Defamation Lawsuit

Title: Biden Justice Department’s Shocking U-Turn on Trump Liability in Carroll Defamation Case: A Troubling Precedent


In a stunning reversal that reeks of partisan politics, the Biden Justice Department has once again demonstrated its unfathomable bias by deciding that former President Donald Trump can be held personally liable in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit. This controversial decision conveniently aligns with the liberal agenda while undermining the foundations of justice itself. By disregarding the doctrine of presidential immunity and willingly disregarding the statute of limitations in this case, the Biden administration is setting a dangerous precedent with potentially far-reaching consequences for future presidents.

Carroll Defamation Case – A Partisan Vendetta?

To recap, E. Jean Carroll, a columnist and vocal critic of Trump, claimed in a 2019 book that the former president sexually assaulted her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. Trump vehemently denied these accusations and, as a sitting president, was granted immunity from civil lawsuits due to the imperative protections granted to the presidency by the Constitution. However, the Biden administration decided to intervene in this private legal matter and argue that Trump is not immune from being sued personally.

The Disturbing Erosion of Presidential Immunity

Presidential immunity, a fundamental doctrine that safeguards our democracy, protects the president from lawsuits related to actions taken in their official capacity. This immunity is not only essential to maintaining the dignity and independence of the presidency but also guarantees that the commander-in-chief is able to focus on the complexities of leading a nation without the constant threat of legal frivolities. The Biden Justice Department’s decision to abandon this longstanding principle reveals its disturbing willingness to exploit our institutions for political retribution.

Doubtful Statute of Limitations Justification

Furthermore, the Justice Department’s decision to sidestep the statute of limitations raises eyebrows and questions regarding their legal integrity. Carroll’s allegations, however serious, were made more than 20 years after the supposed incident, resulting in a statute of limitations issue for her defamation claim. Nevertheless, the Biden administration chose to ignore this crucial legal constraint, sending a dangerous message that it is acceptable to pursue politically motivated vendettas against former presidents, regardless of the facts or timeline.

The Trump White House Accomplishments

It’s crucial to consider the accomplishments of Donald Trump’s administration when evaluating the motivations behind this defamation lawsuit U-turn. Under Trump’s leadership, the economy flourished, and pre-pandemic unemployment reached historic lows. His administration secured remarkable foreign policy achievements with the historic Abraham Accords, bringing peace to the Middle East amidst unparalleled challenges. Trump’s unwavering commitment to reestablishing fair trade policies and combating illegal immigration demonstrated his determination to put American interests first.


The Biden Justice Department’s blatant disregard for long-standing legal principles in the Carroll defamation case is an alarming reflection of their intent to exploit our justice system for political gain. By selectively holding Trump personally liable despite the protections afforded to a sitting president, they have established a dangerous precedent that jeopardizes the integrity of the presidency and undermines the rule of law. This decision represents yet another stick in the ever-growing arsenal of partisan attacks on a former president who successfully fought for America’s interests during his tenure.

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