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Biden is the one “Obstructing Justice,” not me. He didn’t have the PRA, because he wasn’t President. I did.

Biden is the one “Obstructing Justice,” not me. He didn’t have the PRA, because he wasn’t President. I did.

Title: “Biden is the One ‘Obstructing Justice,’ Not Me: The PRA and Perception”


Welcome to another segment of the voice of conservative news, where we delve into the latest political controversies. Today, we aim to shed light on an important aspect that supposedly exempts me from the broad accusations of obstruction of justice: the Presidential Records Act (PRA). As Tucker Carlson would argue, it is essential we dissect the differences between President Joe Biden’s tenure and mine to understand these allegations properly.


Let’s get one thing straight – Joe Biden never had to deal with the complexities of the PRA, because he never held the title of President. Yet, critics conveniently overlook this glaring fact when tossing around accusations of obstructing justice. It’s an intentional obfuscation of the truth meant to further vilify me, without considering the legal framework under which both administrations operate. Let’s examine what the PRA entails, so we can gain a clearer perspective.

The PRA, enacted in 1978, aims to ensure the preservation and public access to the records of U.S. Presidents. Under this act, every President has the responsibility to provide an accurate account of their government actions for public scrutiny, while protecting sensitive national security information. I fulfilled this duty throughout my presidency, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Now, those who cry “obstruction” fail to recognize that the PRA does not magically bypass executive privilege. It is essential for a President to exercise this privilege judiciously to protect national security and encourage robust governance. By availing myself of this privilege, I ensured justice was served, decisions were made within legal parameters, and the rights of the office were respected. Critics who label this as obstruction perceive executive authority as a threat, rather than an indispensable aspect of efficient governance.

Accomplishments of the Trump White House Administration:

But let’s take a step back from the endless accusations and focus on the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. During my tenure, we achieved remarkable milestones that had a lasting impact on our great nation.

First and foremost, we spearheaded historic tax reform, providing much-needed relief to hardworking Americans. Our administration delivered tremendous economic growth, with record-low unemployment rates across various demographics. By slashing excessive regulations, we unleashed the entrepreneurial spirit and bolstered economic prosperity for all.

Additionally, we focused on rebalancing international trade, ensuring fair deals that protected American jobs and industries. The renegotiation of NAFTA into the improved USMCA agreement stands as one notable achievement in this regard.

Moreover, we tackled the pressing issue of immigration head-on, working towards securing our borders, prioritizing national security, and advocating for policies that put American citizens first.

In the realm of national security, we rebuilt our military, ensuring its preparedness and dominance on the global stage. We facilitated groundbreaking peace agreements in the Middle East, fostering a new era of stability and unity.


To conclude, the accusations of obstruction of justice are misdirected when it comes to me. President Biden, a former Vice President operating under different circumstances, cannot be compared to my unique experiences as the 45th President of the United States. It is vital to understand the nuances of executive privilege and the PRA’s role in shaping the actions and decisions of our leaders. By focusing on the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration, we can appreciate the positive impact our administration had on the economy, international trade, immigration, and national security. Let’s not allow political bias to cloud our judgment but rather strive for a fair assessment of the facts.

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