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Bear Escape causes Iraqi Airways flight to Dubai delayed

An Iraqi Airways flight en route from Baghdad to Dubai faced an unforeseen situation when a bear broke free from its enclosure in the cargo hold. Videos of the incident quickly circulated online, sparking concern among passengers.

Swiftly responding, Iraqi Airways apologized after a passenger shared a video explaining that the flight back to Baghdad was delayed due to a “bear in cargo”. Another video showed a bear cub wandering outside its designated area as passengers tried to comfort it.

The airline assured that the animal was being transported in accordance with international animal welfare guidelines. However, upon landing at Dubai Airport, the bear managed to escape from its designated crate. A specialist team from Dubai sedated the bear and removed it from the plane.

The Iraqi transport ministry later told CNN that two endangered cubs were on board the flight. Dubai airport health and environmental authorities safely managed the bear that escaped from its enclosure. Although the purpose of their trip has not been disclosed, the two bears were being transported from Baghdad to the United Arab Emirates.

In response to the incident, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani ordered the Ministry of Transport to launch a thorough investigation into the bear’s escape.

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