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BBC ‘disinformation reporter’ lied on her CV – HotAir


It’s almost impossible to shock me anymore when it comes to the depravity of MSM.

almost Occasionally, the utter disregard for integrity is shocking enough to even shock me.

When I read that the BBC’s top ‘disinformation’ reporter was known to have and even admitted to lying on his resume (basically his resume) I was shocked. It’s not that she was a liar, that’s almost a job requirement these days in the MSM, it’s that she was caught lying and there were no consequences.

The Lede of The Telegraph he is too kind Not only has she been “accused” of lying. He’s admitted it, unless that’s the case, another reporter who has the emails faked them, which seems pretty unlikely.

She reportedly applied to Coda Story saying she had worked alongside Sarah Rainsford, a BBC foreign correspondent, for the broadcaster’s coverage of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Natalia Antelava, editor-in-chief of Coda Story, checked the claim and found that the young reporter had only met Ms Rainsford in a few social situations, rather than actually working with her.

Ms Spring was then reported to have sent an apologetic email to the editor, citing her own “poor judgement” and assuring him she was “a brilliant journalist”.

“I have only met Sarah at work and spoken to her at various times, but nothing else. Everything else on my resume is completely true,” he emailed.

In a response also seen by The New European, Ms Antelava replied: “Telling me you’re a brilliant journalist who exercises integrity and honesty when you’ve literally proven otherwise was a terrible idea… I’m sure if you use it as a lesson, things will be fine.”

I suppose it’s possible that the editor of Coda Story and a reporter from The New European are lying, but Occam’s Razor suggests that the much easier to believe claim that Marianna Spring lied on her resume. Given UK defamation laws and the relative sizes of the BBC, which has enormous resources to record, and these small publications, it would be extremely risky for them to defame the BBC’s defamation reporter.

The BBC is not commenting…yet.

Spring, who is 27, is no obscure reporter. In fact, she is the most criticized of the BBC and the BBC has not only stood by her so far, but has been quick to promote her, and she receives praise from her peers.

Since joining the BBC four years ago, Ms Spring has presented Panorama documentaries, made four podcast series and appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2021.

In March, he was part of a Newsnight team that won a Royal Television Society award and his first book, titled Among the Trolls, is out next year.

She was promoted to Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent in August last year and has her own BBC podcast called Marianna in Conspiracyland, which has been streamed almost 1.5 million times.

In other words, Spring is presented as an example of integrity and is the main debunker of allegedly false claims. She fights misinformation, doesn’t she?

Yeah, well, whatever. He had to break some eggs to make that omelette.

Should Spring be banned from employment forever for making a stupid mistake in her 20s? Of course not, although a journalist known to have lied should at the very least be subjected to greater scrutiny rather than being promoted at breakneck speed, achieving high status in one of the most prestigious news organizations. prominent in the world in less than 4 years. Few people repent and reform when their lies are constantly rewarded, not punished.

Generally speaking, I would have expected Spring to have targeted another profession where lying is less of an issue, or at least relegated it to something a little less sensitive than weeding out “misinformation”. Perhaps obituaries, where one would expect at least some embellishment.

The BBC is likely to be conducting an internal investigation into the allegations and, if, as seems likely, they prove to be true, it will apologize for making a mistake in hiring her. At least we can wait for the second one.

But this raises the obvious question: an organization that claims to be in a position to determine what is real and what is misinformation is clearly incompetent to do so. They didn’t check. They claim to check misinformation and their fact checker is apparently a liar.

We’ll have to wait and see what the BBC has to say about this. I wonder if they will assign the story to Spring.


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