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Barack Obama’s third term as heard through Joe Biden’s earpiece

Barack Obama’s third term as heard through Joe Biden’s earpiece

In fact, Obama might actually be running the (US) show with the puppet Biden, and both are with WEF. This would make a lot of sense why Christians are being slaughtered in the middle east and controlled if not outright oppressed in Ukraine and the guns are falling in Afghanistan if it was pushed by Obama it makes a lot of sense with his hate to Christianity Thus empowering Islamic terrorists against Christians with weapons and money in these regions regarding the production of martyrs in the Faith. All that it is ignored and admitted by congress and the media.

Remember the message they gave us with their campaign promises turned goals to “FUNDAMENTALLY change America” ​​and their exit speeches, including mocking remarks that we were “too small-minded to govern our own affairs” . He also talked about the change in behavior and promised to return. Much of the Christian community was prepared and led to believe that he was “The Antichrist”, even though the scriptures say that there will be many. And at this point, no one knows for sure who the AI-enhanced cyborg Antichrist from Hell is; and God does not tell anyone before His great revelation. But things are certainly getting ready for this kingdom, and this universalist-liar-false-replacement king and utter hatred of the heir of all things, Jesus, our Messiah.

When you also consider and look back at Obama’s role in the Brain Initiative and all this great work that Stew and Karen Kingston and others have done to show that these traits are transhumanist bioweapons AI Smart Shots (that infiltrate the genome and they work to take over the brain and hijack it. As well as installing the system Daniel 2:43 and Daniel 7 inside for supervision and more)

I could also see how Obama, who endorses the work of WEF and Y. Noah Harari, could be the hidden driving force behind the damage and weakening of America as he fuels the birth of global government (Revelation 12:3) and our cooperation to pass under his authority through the relationship of Obama and WEF through Biden. Obama heavily endorses Harari and both of them have variously said they believe they are gods. And I’ve talked about it many times, but who doesn’t like a broken record, right? When you consider the growing hatred of Christianity’s New Covenant (which Jesus said was in His Blood at the Last Supper/Passover and involved the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world by faith. See that the growing hatred towards her is personified). in scripture as “woman”: (Rev 12;1, 2,4, 5) In other scriptures she is called “Zion”, combine all this with Gal 4:26-27. She is called “Our Mother” { the New Covenant that Jesus brought about gives birth (and liberation) to the One New Glorified Humanity (Sons of GOD in Jesus). They are the ones “inside her pregnant belly”. The children of God wait for the birth from above making sure. faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus for forgiveness, spiritual rebirth and transformation so that you are not stuck in the hellish PAST that Jesus warned about. Luke 21:35-36 comes to unbelievers because the plot to get the church will fail. And you’re watching it unfold.

The World Health Organization Treaty + the International Health Regulations (IHR) will push from the WHO gives them authority over many things, but also dictating WHAT constitutes an “emergency”: by rebranding racism so it is to Christianity and Jesus as the only way. It is about enacting a global war against the ideology of New Covenant Zion and her children, the believing Jew + Gentile (in faith). drink it Anything they throw as a weapon against Christians in Revelation 12:4 is so severe and life-ending, it requires the presence of the head of the one New Jesus Christ to come to obtain, rescue his co-heirs in the body . who is under threat and attack, and escapes. Revelation 3:10, Revelation 12:5 and Luke 21:36.
Much more could be said, but that’s enough for now. Children of men, be reborn into the one new humanity or suffer at the hands of Obama and friends.

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