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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/1/2024 [PM]

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/1/2024 [PM]

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Monday, April 1, 2024

Steve Bannon hosted the Monday evening WarRoom program.


Steve Bannon discussed various political developments, including biased media coverage and efforts to tarnish Trump’s image, in the segment “This Is Pure Election Interference.” He emphasized Trump’s resilience and commitment to his supporters in the segment “Trump Would Never Quit, Trump Would Never Back Down.”In the segment “How They Are Making It Hard For The Dems To Flip The House,” Alex DeGrasse explains recent redistricting developments and Republican strategies.

Crom Carmichael discusses maintaining a healthy heart and supporting conservative values in the segment “How To Keep Your Heart Healthy By Taking Soltea.”

Mike Lindell promotes an event in Green Bay and encourages support for his products in the segment “Go To And Checkout The WarRoom Extravaganza.”

Brandon Showalter discusses the recent Trans Day of Visibility and its implications in the segment “Brandon Showalter Discusses The Democrat’s ‘Trans Visibility Day’ Replacing Easter.”

Ben Harnwell and Bannon cover various topics related to Ukraine, politics, and international finance in the segment “Speaker Mike ‘William Wallace’ Johnson: You Can Take Our Majority But You’ll Never Take Our Uniparty.”

Each segment offers insights into different aspects of contemporary American politics and society.

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Full show in segments: 

Bannon: “This Is Pure Election Interference”

Steve Bannon started his money evening by discussing the significance of Easter Monday in 2024, reflecting on recent events and comparing them to Charles Dickens’s “A Tale of Two Cities” or saying that the stark differences between how the Democrats behaved on Easter Sunday and how the America First movement behaved on Easter Sunday were like “two Americas.”

Bannon mentioned Michael Bender’s article in the New York Times discussing Christian imagery in the Trump campaign and expressed gratitude for their production team’s work. The discussion touches on Trump’s upcoming trial in New York City, mentioning Hope Hicks’ subpoena and emphasizing the media attention it will receive.

Bannon criticizes MSNBC and other outlets for biased coverage, accusing them of election interference and attempting to tarnish Trump’s image.

Bannon talks about the efforts to portray Trump as a cult leader while also claiming to embrace Christian values. He criticizes the Democratic Party’s shift towards embracing alternative religions and ideologies, particularly highlighting transgender visibility events, and he predicts a backlash from socially conservative groups, including Hispanic and African-American communities, and emphasizes the importance of defending traditional values in the public square.

Bannon: “Trump Would Never Quit, Trump Would Never Back Down”

Alex DeGrasse Explains How They Are Making It Hard For The Dems The Flip The House

DeGrasse joined the WarRoom to discuss recent redistricting developments in South Carolina and other states. He emphasized legal challenges and accusations of intentional manipulation for political gain. He analyzed court rulings and their impact on electoral outcomes, highlighting Republican gains despite Democratic efforts.

DeGrasse praised the success of Republican strategies in navigating redistricting challenges and securing favorable electoral maps. He discussed Democratic retirements and internal divisions within the party, noting the challenges they face in holding onto competitive seats.

He reflected on the role of state courts and legal battles in shaping electoral outcomes, emphasizing the importance of executing campaign strategies effectively. He highlighted Republican structural advantages in key battleground states and predicted potential gains in the upcoming elections.

The discussion touches on Democratic infighting, polling data, and the influence of national figures like Mark Elias. DeGrasse stressed the importance of grassroots efforts and maintaining pressure on opponents to secure electoral victories.

Crom Carmichael Details How To Keep Your Heart Healthy By Taking Soltea

The owner of Soltea, Chrom Carmichael, joined Steve Bannon, and together, they highlighted the importance of shifting focus from simply giving money to supporting products and services that align with one’s values. They promote Patriot Mobile as a provider that supports conservative values.

Bannon reflected on the impact of Democratic policies on minority groups, particularly younger voters, and highlighted issues such as illegal immigration, crime, and job opportunities. Bannon mentions dark money groups and their unintended registration of Republican and MAGA supporters.

Closing thoughts include encouragement for grassroots efforts, door-to-door campaigning, and promoting healthy products for stamina to keep campaigning- like Soltea from War Room Health. Carmichael emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy heart and directed listeners to for special offers.

Go To And Checkout The WarRoom Extravaganza

Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, announced a special event in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he will be speaking at a rally alongside other speakers. Lindell emphasized the importance of winning Wisconsin in the upcoming election and mentioned the efforts to recall Robin Voss.

Lindell discussed deals on his products, particularly highlighting the multi-use pillows and ongoing sales on his website. The audience is encouraged to support Lindell’s business and employees by purchasing. Lindell expresses gratitude and excitement for the upcoming event and pledges to deliver a passionate speech.

Brandon Showalter Discusses The Democrat’s “Trans Visibility Day” Replacing Easter

This discussion revolves around the recent Trans Day of Visibility and its implications. Brandon Showalter criticized of Governor Newsom and others for their support of transgender ideology, which is described as a medical scandal.

Showalter, a representative from the Christian Post, emphasizes the importance of fighting against this ideology and highlights efforts to combat it in California.

The conversation touches on the gaslighting tactics employed by proponents of transgender ideology and the detrimental effects it can have on individuals. The discussion also addresses the broader cultural implications and the need for accountability in supporting what is deemed as human rights atrocities.

Speaker Mike “William Wallace” Johnson: You Can Take Our Majority But You’ll Never Take Our Uniparty

This discussion with Ben Harnwell covers various topics related to Ukraine, politics, and international finance. There is criticism of Mike Johnson’s handling of the situation with the budget and how he dealt with Democrat Joe Biden, comparisons to historical events like the Braveheart movie, and analysis of Ukraine’s military recruitment efforts.

Additionally, there is mention of efforts to seize Russian assets and support for Ukraine. The conversation highlights concerns about the war in Ukraine, the involvement of other countries, and the impact on global financial stability.

Harnwell and Bannon discuss social media platforms and the role of contributors like Jim Rickards.

Overall, the segment delves into complex geopolitical issues and the implications for the different stakeholders involved.

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