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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 3/30/2024 [SATURDAY]

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 3/30/2024 [SATURDAY]

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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Steve Bannon hosted the Saturday morning WarRoom program.


The Saturday morning WarRoom focused on the annual tradition of Christ’s descent into Hell, featuring a rebroadcast in the second hour of Bannon’s 2023 special guest Tom Williams, who discussed his book on the coming Christian persecution. The conversation highlighted the intensification of Christian persecution worldwide and the failure of institutions to defend religious liberty adequately. There was concern over mainstream media’s reluctance to report on Christian persecution and the unwillingness of some Christian leaders to address the issue openly.

Williams emphasized the widespread ignorance about Christian persecution and the lack of support for leaders who speak out against it. Franklin Graham was praised for publicly condemning attacks on Christians, while the discussion concluded with reflections on the need for strong leadership and steadfast faith in the face of adversity.

Bannon also thanked sponsors Birch Gold and discussed Holy Saturday’s significance in the Catholic faith.

In the first house, Dr. Taylor Marshall joined to discuss Holy Saturday’s historical and theological importance and the need for resilience among believers in the face of growing hostility towards Christians. The program included segments on Dr. Williams’ book, exploring topics such as historical persecution, mainstream media portrayal, and the urgent need to confront anti-Christian sentiment globally.

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Full show in segments: 

Steve Bannon: The Definable Forces Of Evil Within The U.S.

On his annual Holy Saturday special, Steve Bannon talked about the significance of Holy Saturday in the Catholic faith, mainly focusing on the belief in the harrowing of Hell, where many of the world’s Christians believe that Jesus descended to redeem the souls of the righteous who lived before his time.

Bannon delves into biblical references, theological interpretations, and the views of early Church fathers such as Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas. He also mentions Catherine Emmerich’s visions and her portrayal of Christ’s descent into Hell.

Through his monologue, Bannon emphasized the continuity of faith in Christ from the Old Testament to the New Testament era and highlighted Jesus’s universal salvific mission.

Steve Bannon: “This Nation Is Worth Fighting For. It Is A Spiritual World”

Bannon discusses an interview he had with Tom Williams on Holy Saturday in 2023, introducing him as a foundation member of Breitbart media, who will address the audience to focus on the significance of Holy Saturday and  Williams’ detailed investigations into the persecution of Christians.

In the segment, Bannon expressed a desire to allocate more time to this topic of Williams’ book in the future, acknowledging its importance amidst other pressing issues emphasizing the spiritual aspect of the ongoing societal struggle.

It is that struggle, the source of the battle, and the solution to the anti-liberty bondage of the American people that the WarRoom is dedicated to deconstructing for the audience members, hoping to encourage unwavering dedication to the nation from all Christian believers so they can be free from government forced slavery.

Bannon highlights the unique nature of the MAGA movement and its ability to empower individuals.

Additionally, Bann thanks special sponsors like Birch Gold for supporting their efforts to provide free and accessible information to the WarRoom audience.

Dr. Taylor Marshall On The Mortal World: “We’re In A Valley Of Tears”

On Holy Saturday, Bannon was joined by Dr. Tom Williams to discuss the significance of the day and the persecution of Christians.  Together, they delve into Holy Saturday’s historical and theological importance, particularly Christ’s descent into Hell and its implications for the Christian faith.

Dr. Williams emphasizes the need to revisit early Christian teachings and the persecution faced by the early Church to understand the current climate of Christian persecution.

Williams and Bannon both highlight the unique stance of Christianity in the Roman Empire, where Christians refused to assimilate and prioritize their allegiance to God over the state.

The conversation touches on modern parallels, such as the temptation of accommodation and the persecution faced by Christians today. The discussion underscores the importance of steadfast faith in the face of adversity.

PT.1 Dr. Taylor Marshall:

Dr. Taylor Marshall Answers Where Jesus Christ Was On Saturday On Easter Weekend (Part 1 of 2)

Pt.2 Dr. Taylor Marshall:

Dr. Taylor Marshall On The Mortal World: “We’re In A Valley Of Tears” (Part 2 of 2)

Dr. Thomas Williams Explains Why We Needed A Savior To Join Our Lord (PT. 1 of 3)

In this special rebroadcast from Holy Saturday 2023, Dr. Tom Williams joined Steve Bannon in the WarRoom to delve into the significance of Holy Saturday and the Christian message amidst persecution. Exploring the lesser-known aspects of the Christian faith, he emphasizes the importance of understanding Christ’s descent into Hell and its deep spiritual meaning for believers. Dr. Williams also sheds light on the historical persecution faced by Christians and the current dangerous phase of anti-Christian sentiment in modern society.

Highlighting the Christian perspective on persecution and the unique challenges faced by believers, Dr. Williams offers insights from his book, “The Coming Christian Persecution: Why Things Are Getting Worse and How to Prepare.” He discusses the alarming trend of mainstream media’s portrayal of Christians as adversaries and the disturbing incidents, such as the (THEN) recent attack on a Christian school in Nashville, as evidence of this growing hostility.

Despite the grim reality of increasing persecution, Dr. Williams calls for hope and resilience among believers, urging them to stay true to their faith and prepare for the challenges ahead. Through this candid discussion, listeners gain a deeper understanding of Holy Saturday and the urgent need to confront and address the rising tide of anti-Christian sentiment in society.

Dr. Thomas Williams Explains The “Judeo-Christian Ideals” That Built The West (Part 2 of 3)

Dr. Thomas Williams Warns Of The Lack Of Voices Protecting Christianity Globally (Part 3 of 3)

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